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Introduction: Leather Cleaner Using Eggs!

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Did you you know you can clean and protect leathers with egg whites? This is a trick that I have used to shine my boots while I was in the fire academy (Shout out to CRFA). Egg whites easily remove dirt and give your leather a beautiful shine. You can clean a variety of things with egg whites, such as couches, seats in your car, and belts. You can add essential oils if you want a good smell, but raw eggs are odorless. Compare the DvD with the thumb print to the shine of the boot!

You will need:

- A Sponge

- Eggs

*Optional* Water bottle

Step 1: Separate Your Whites From Your Yolk

You can do this any way you like. I personally use a water bottle. I do this by squeezing the water bottle, then, pressing it against the yolk I then release. This creates a suction and lifts the yolk away from the whites.

Step 2: Apply Egg Whites

Generously apply egg whites to your surface using the soft side of your sponge. Rub on the egg whites in a circular motion across the surface until the film disappears and you are left with a high gloss. Continue to generously use your egg whites. Rub it in and reapply. The abrasiveness of the egg will help remove the dirt. You will be left with a great shine. Eggs are odorless, but remember, you can always add essential oils if you want to use this on you cars interior or couch.

Enjoy your beautiful leather!

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    Great solution for getting the yolk out --handy for selective breakfast makers everywhere :)

    Does the egg do anything in terms of conditioning the leather as well as cleaning? I've noticed a lot of my boots dry out and crack much sooner than normal due to CA's dry weather.

    I have eaten raw cookie dough, pancake batter, runny eggs and other things with raw egg since I was a kid and I have never gotten sick from it so it's something I'm not too concerned about, especially since encountering a contaminated egg is actually pretty rare.


    Just curious is there any health warning to keep in mind (ie. Salmonella) letting raw eggs dry and any precautions or cleanup steps to follow afterwards?

    I guess playing devil's advocate as a hypothetical example, following this procedure is it then safe 20 minutes later after applying it for your small child to be touching your boots and their mouth or would that be a huge danger until they were washed?

    1 reply

    You will be fine. Salmonella is a genetic defect in an egg. 1/300000. Great Question!

    Nice! I'm looking forward to using this for my fire boots!

    Never heard of the egg trick,but heard about people using banana skins.

    Does this waterproof the leather then do you know or just make them shine ?

    1 reply

    This can be a temporary waterproofing. I had to shine my boots everyday in the fire academy so this worked fine. If you don't shine them everyday I would buy a professional product to get the best long term results.