Leather Cover for Kindle, IPad or Your Favourite Book





Introduction: Leather Cover for Kindle, IPad or Your Favourite Book

I have stumbled upon leather pieces on sale and got myself a few. I have plans for all of the leather pices, but so far I`m gonna show you how I made a leather case for the Kindle Touch 3, which I got for my birthday.

You can also find the tutorial in my blog: http://thethings-we-do.com/leather-cover-for-kindle-ipad-or-your-favourite-book/

- Piece of leather 10.2 in x 7 in
- Paper knife
- Elastic of two types
- Piece of cardboard
- Xtra strong glue

Step 1: Cut Out

Cut out with a paper knife a piece of leather. Size: 10.2 in x 7 in ( 26 cm x 17.5 cm ).

Step 2: Fold

Fold your piece of leather half length wise and mark the center. Make a small hole with a needle.

Step 3: Cut

Cut approximately 11 inches (26cm) of elastic, fold it in a half and put through the hole. You will have a loop of elastic on the front of leather piece. Adjust the size of a loop and tie a knot at the ends of elastic to fix the loop.

Step 4: Cut Rectangles

Cut out two rectangles of leather in size 1.2 in  x 1.2 in ( 3 cm x 3cm ). Cut each rectangle in two cornerwise. In that way you will have four triangles. Cut 4 pieces of elastic 3 in ( 8 cm ) each.

Step 5: Glue

Glue the strings of elastic to the leather triangle in the way shown at the image. Adjust and glue the leather triangles with rubber loops at your leather piece, according to pattern.

Step 6: Pattern

Step 7: Done

That`s it! Your leather cover for Kindle is done and ready. I think of making such cover for my mom`s e-book and my friend`s iPad.



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