In this 'Instructable' I will be going through the steps to make a leather filigree cuff with the aid of TechShop's laser cutter.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Laser Cutter- The TechShop location I used has a "Trotec Speedy 300".   Before using the shop equipment each member is required to take some basic training on each machine.  I found this class to provide me with everything I needed to do my first project.

Software- The Trotec Speedy 300 accepts either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw files.  I chose to use CorelDraw.  TechShop also provides use their computer labs to create these files if you do not have these rather expensive programs.

Leather Working Tools- I have purchased all of my leather working hand tools over the years  from Tandy Leather.  They offer very sturdy tools at reasonable prices.  For this project you will need: leather scissors, 2 punches (to match the size of your rivets and the size of your snaps), a basic snap setter set, a hammer, and a small stone slab,

scrap of cardboard- about 1' x 1' (from a recycle bin)
leather- about 6"x 12", (extra is always good in case there is a mistake and something needs to be re-cut) (I got mine at Tandy Leather)
leather dye- color of your choice (also purchased at Tandy Leather)
latex gloves- (from Lowes)
12 rivets- (I got these from Tandy Leather but there are also quite a few websites that sell rivets/snaps/etc. in bulk for less than Tandy)
2 snaps-(same as above)

Very nice . . .will you share the design?? I really would appreciate it!
Just curious, why do you call 'TechShop' 'ProShop'?
Oooh! I really like it with all those studs in it :)
I'm from Trotec Laser in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Your work is totally awesome, we would love to put a picture of your leather bracelet on our website: http://www.troteclaser.com/en-US-US/Materials/Pages/Leather.aspx. Would this be okay for you?
I'm so glad you liked it! Please feel free to post any of the pictures you like from the instructable. Thanks!
Awesome job! These bracelets are beautiful!!
Nice, I really like the design.

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