Introduction: Leather Dream Catcher

Picture of Leather Dream Catcher

this small instructable tutorial will help you learn how to make dream catchers.

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Step 1: Things You Need

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a. A Ring

b. Leather Lace

c. Beads

d. Glue

e. Scissor

f. Cloth Clip

g. Any Thread

h. Feathers.

Step 2: Lacing

Picture of Lacing

Put some glue on the ring and start lacing the

ring very neatly.

You can clip up the starting edge to prevent it from loosening up.

Step 3: Lacing Done

Picture of Lacing Done

Clip the ending and

chip off the extra. Keep it aside for few minutes and let it dry

Step 4: Thread Work

Picture of Thread Work

Tie the thread onto the laced ring.

Step 5: Webbing

Picture of Webbing

Start making loops at equal distances as shown in the picture

Step 6: Webbing

Picture of Webbing

Connect the last loop to the first one to make a sequence. (shown in picture)

Step 7: Beads Work

Picture of Beads Work

End the loop by adding a bead to it. You can also add the beads in different patterns

Step 8: Strings

Picture of Strings

Tie string on the ring and add beads to them.

Step 9: Feathering

Picture of Feathering

End up the string by tying feathers to the ends

Step 10: Done!!

Picture of Done!!

And it’s done! Ready to be hung anywhere you want. :)


shantastic2011 (author)2016-08-04

how do u attach more to complete the dreamcatcher in the picture?

Hi..sorry but your point is not clear. What do you want to know?

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-26

Soo pretty, and you made the process seem so simple!

Thank you :)

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