Introduction: Leather Dream Catcher

this small instructable tutorial will help you learn how to make dream catchers.

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Step 1: Things You Need

a. A Ring

b. Leather Lace

c. Beads

d. Glue

e. Scissor

f. Cloth Clip

g. Any Thread

h. Feathers.

Step 2: Lacing

Put some glue on the ring and start lacing the

ring very neatly.

You can clip up the starting edge to prevent it from loosening up.

Step 3: Lacing Done

Clip the ending and

chip off the extra. Keep it aside for few minutes and let it dry

Step 4: Thread Work

Tie the thread onto the laced ring.

Step 5: Webbing

Start making loops at equal distances as shown in the picture

Step 6: Webbing

Connect the last loop to the first one to make a sequence. (shown in picture)

Step 7: Beads Work

End the loop by adding a bead to it. You can also add the beads in different patterns

Step 8: Strings

Tie string on the ring and add beads to them.

Step 9: Feathering

End up the string by tying feathers to the ends

Step 10: Done!!

And it’s done! Ready to be hung anywhere you want. :)


shantastic2011 made it! (author)2016-08-04

how do u attach more to complete the dreamcatcher in the picture?

pulkit9694 made it! (author)pulkit96942016-08-05

Hi..sorry but your point is not clear. What do you want to know?

MsSweetSatisfaction made it! (author)2014-10-26

Soo pretty, and you made the process seem so simple!

pulkit9694 made it! (author)pulkit96942014-10-26

Thank you :)

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