My husband and I had obtained some neat looking sticks that we  wanted to make into walking sticks.  We both do a little leather work and decided to enhance the sticks with some of our work.  He braided the area where you would grip the stick, which gave a little softer handle.  I had made some feathers before and decided to use those on the stick.

     At the end of the instructable, I will show some different examples of how to embellish the feathers.

Step 1:

     I will be giving some alternative tools that can be used in place of traditional leather tools.  Do your work on a firm surface.

   If clarification is needed, please ask.

     Tool and material list:

     Paper and pattern

     Piece of 3/4 ounce carving leather  (The large feather needs a piece about 3 inches by 12 inches.  The smaller feather needs a piece about 2 1/2 by 7 inches)



     Plastic wrap

     Stylis or ball point pen

     Swivel knife or paring knife (not too sharp as you only want to cut about 1/2 the depth of the leather)

     Beveler or small spoon with smooth and fairly thin side

     Mallet and marble block ( only if using beveler)


     Dremal with sand paper wheel
    Craft paints  Burnt Umber and sand or some other off white paint

     Spray finish, clear either matte or satin

<p>I made some bookmarks with the leather feathers, I really like those feathers!</p>
That is a neat idea. I never thought of it. I need a small gift for a friend that just had surgery, so I will make one up for her. Thank you for all of your kind comments.
<p>That's nice, I'm happy of idea exchange!</p>
Assassin's Creed? <br>
apparently not. I don;t know what the assassins creed is. I'm old.
Haha it's alright. I was referring to the feather, also called the marker, from Assassin's Creed. In the game, when a target is assassinated, the player is required to dip the given feather in the targets blood, to mark ending the given mission and as evidence for when the player is asked about the assassination.
Now I know something I didn't know before. I just like the feathers.
well done, grandmotherof13, old age and wisdom are gifts not granted to everyone.
Thank you. I appreciate your comment
Hi, I try to do them, but I used colored leather, because it was all I had... I like I they turned out! <br>Is really different to work with not colored leather? <br>Does it keep more the shape? <br>And can I use regular acrylic on leather or I need some special one? <br>Do you think I can paint on leather that is already colored? I use to do it but I' m not shure it will hold the paint for really long time... <br>Thanks, Marcella. <br>
Sorry it took a while to get back with you, my sisters and I took off together for a few days. The carving leather has more body or stiffness and definitely will hold the shape better. I paint with acrylic on carving leather and it works fine. I have not worked that much with garment leather. On regular leather I spray an acrylic finish to protect it. I think you could paint on the leather you are using, you could try. I would put the spray finish over the paint. I think that the ones you made are pretty good for the type of leather and definitely gives your feather more texture.
Thanks a lot the help. <br> I want to find some scraps of carving leather than. <br>And do you have any suggestion for a good leather working book? (May be one that show like you did how to work it with regular tools?) <br>
A good basic instruction book is Lucky Seven put out by Tandy Compaany. It gives you the 7 basic tools and how to use them. I did a quick check on e-bay and looked under leather instruction books. There were a couple of that book and some other instructional books. You can do almost all work that you would want to do with those 7 basic tools. Hope this helps.
Ok , thanks. I'm going to check it out.
It look really cool! Thanks for posting this detailed instructables. <br>I think I need one of those weird knife you have...
thank you. The weird knife is called a swivel knife. They are sold at Tandy Leather store and other leather stores where leather craft is handled. I was trying to show leather tools and regular, everyday items that could be used.
I just understand it! That's even better because so I don't need one. <br>Thanks again! <br>
I think you should use the 3 feathers photo like your main photo because they look too cool!

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