Leather Feather Earrings




Introduction: Leather Feather Earrings

Watch the how-to video here.

Project Summary: This easy leathercraft project uses leather remnants and a few simple tools to make leather feather earrings. These leather earrings make great homemade Christmas gifts if you're looking for ideas!

What You'll Need:

  • Assorted Leather Remnant Bag (75-4916)
  • Poly Cutting Board (65-2916)
  • #4 Heavy-Duty Scratch Awl 3-1/2" (CSO4-2)
  • Art Knife (65-2866)
  • Angelus Brand® Acrylic Leather Paint, Gift Box Blue (50-1948-A6)
  • Small Paint Brush
  • 2 Jump Rings
  • 2 Earring Wires

Step 1: Sketch and Cut Out Leather Feathers

On your Cutting Board, use an Awl to “draw” two feathers on your Leather Remnant. Cut these out with an Art Knife. These need to be a little rough, as feathers can be, so an exact measurement is not necessary. Any general feather shape will work nicely. Secondly, you can cut both pieces “up” or you can cut the first feather and then flip it to mark for the second feather and they will be opposing/matching shapes.

Step 2: Mark a Line Down Center of Feathers

With an Awl, mark a quill down the center of the shapes. This won’t be highly noticeable, but we’ll use it as a stopping point for our slits.

Step 3: Cut Slits in Leather Feathers

With an Art Knife, make cuts starting at ¼" away from the quill line. Again, perfect isn’t necessary, but try and cut these as parallel as possible to each other working from the top of the feather down.

Step 4: Apply Paint

Brush on Leather Paint in any color or design you wish. Add two Jump Rings and two Earring Wires, and your project is complete!

These leather earrings make wonderful homemade Christmas gifts, but keep a pair for yourself too!



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