Introduction: Leather Fidget Spinner

Simple fidget spinner from leather, no special tools needed.

Step 1: Template Making

Picture of Template Making

Step 2: Cutting Out

Picture of Cutting Out

Trace and make sure to mark center points before cutting.

Step 3: Gluing

Picture of Gluing

Tape face of the skin to protect it from glue, then put thick layer of glue and clamp it (make sure it don't slip)

Step 4: Clean Edges

Picture of Clean Edges

Step 5: Cut Out Middle Hole

Picture of Cut Out Middle Hole

Using previously marked center point place your bearing in exact center and draw outline, then cut it.

Step 6: Chamfer Edges

Picture of Chamfer Edges

Step 7: Bearing Insert Part

Picture of Bearing Insert Part

Draw inner circle of bearing on leather and cut it out, you need 2 of these, then glue them together and clamp between 2 pieces of scrap leather.

Step 8: Making Holes for Nuts

Picture of Making Holes for Nuts

Draw outline of the nut on each side, cut it out and test fit the nuts.

Step 9: Dye and Varnish

Picture of Dye and Varnish

Dye it and let it dry then give it one coat of varnish.

Step 10: Bearing Insert Finishing

Picture of Bearing Insert Finishing

Sand the sides then glue it inside bearing.Cut out couple of slightly bigger circles and glue them as shown on picture.

Step 11: Dye and Varnish

Picture of Dye and Varnish

Step 12: Assembling

Picture of Assembling

Insert everything on its place and have fun:D (gluing is not necessary if it have snug fit)


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