This is a leather flask, it's waterproofed with beeswax, and a has a cedar and cork stopper. To pretty it up I carved a celtic knot on the front of the flask. You can see the full instructable about how I made it here.
<p>After seeing the flame wars on the other post, I see why you did the re-post. Really great job, great info, beautiful work. Thanks. Generally for things I will be either drinking out of or storing liquids in, I prefer to line them with Brewers pitch. Grant it, it is a bit &quot;touchier&quot; to use. Again Thanks </p>
<p>whoops forgot to mention that is primarily for leather items, though I have lined by &quot;Tinned&quot; revolutionary war canteen with pitch too. </p>
You should enter this in the leather working contest!
Could you make an instructable on how to tool leather?
Love this project. I will be making one of these soon to hold some mead I am making.
I was wondering , would it be possible to make my leather bracelet waterproof with beeswax?
Good work!
It is very nice :) A little big for my taste, but very nice for medica or grog :)
this is so cool!

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