This is a wetformed vegtanned leather holster I made for my dads .38 special. Not much to say about it, some of my first real handtooling, second try on a holster, first one finished, that's about it.


(P.S. if you've notice my recent rash of photo instructables, it's because I hardly ever remember to  take in progress pics during a project)
You should enter it in the leather working contest
I love the way this looks. Now I want to make one even though I don't have a gun for it
<p>Could you do custom ones?</p>
<p>I could, but I would have to have the gun itself to custom fit it. So that makes it more difficult if it's not one of the few I own. </p>
<p>Its a six shooter gun, how much would it be?</p>
the tooling looks nice

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