Picture of Leather Laptop Sleeve
Electronics can cost a pretty penny or two (or ten thousand) so keeping them safe from damage is not only smart but necessary. In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to make a laptop/ E-reader/ tablet sleeve out of leather, with hardly any actual sewing and a cool factor that'll blow your roof.

Let's get started.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project, I used

13 inch Apple Macbook Air
rotary blade and/or scissors
cutting board (self-healing ones are best for this)
top stitch or heavy duty sewing machine needle
top stitch or heavy duty thread in any color
sewing machine (but you can hand stitch instead)
grommets package and application tool. (I used 1/2 inch, bronze)

Step 2: Measuring

Picture of Measuring
I measured my device to its exact measurements. Because its rather thin, I did not bother measuring its depth as leather is forgiving enough to stretch a bit.

After measuring, I took my leather piece and played around with how I wanted the final product to look. This is where I discovered how amazing the end grain of my leather is and decided to leave it raw (untouched, unsewn) and to expose that end as the top flap.

Step 3: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
I decided a 3/4 inch margin on the sides would be best as I didn't want to put too much strain on the leather's stretchiness and the stitches I planned on sewing.

I cut two straight edges with my rotary blade and makeshift ruler using the width of my device and adding on a 3/4 inch margin to each side.

For the length, I doubled over the fabric, so half of it sat underneath my device, and the other half on top. Then I decided how long I wanted the front flap to be, and added that length to the piece sitting underneath. Picture 3 of this step better describes this process. The length of leather sitting on top of the laptop will be the front flap, but it is a continued piece of the back portion. simple, eh?

Please be sure of your measurements BEFORE you cut! Leather ain't cheap!

Great job. Simple, yet very stylish.

dmoonen11 months ago

Where do you get the leather from?

skylane dmoonen10 months ago

Just keep your eyes peeled for a leather easy chair or a couch/sofa or whatever you want to call it tossed off the side of a road/freeway... I started keeping a utility knife in my veh.. and I just ''skin the roadkill'' so to speak...

Wroger-Wroger10 months ago

When ever I make cases etc., for electronics, I ALWAYS add appropriate padding to cushion against drops, falls and knocks, on the basis of kinetic energy per unit of surface area.

This means wide flat areas spread the energy of the fall, over a big area - so they need SOME padding against hard surfaces.

But edges of laptops, need MORE depth of padding, and the corners need a whole heap more depth of padding.

Same energy of the fall, but less and less area to disperse the energy through.

Look at how the really good ruggedised laptops are set up - and then adapt the casing to provide protection in a similar way, inside the leather satchel.

Much more work but it provides a much higher degree of survivability against table to floor types of drops.

Also fitting in a SOFT fabric liner is a good idea.....

Plunged_u10 months ago
Beautiful! I want to make I one for my mom
kiyer310 months ago
nice one!