Picture of Leather Luggage Tags

If you're like me, and thousands of others who have a nondescript black suitcase that is always a trick to pick out of a conveyor belt crowd, this leather luggage tag Instructable is for you!

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Step 1: The Goods

Picture of The Goods

Here's what you need to make these time saving and good looking travel accessories:

  1. a thick rubber leather punch surface (a piece of wood will work too!)
  2. a cutting mat
  3. regular hammer
  4. letter punch set (I got mine at a flea market, but ebay has oodles to choose from)
  5. craft scissors
  6. exacto knife
  7. small cookie cutter circles
  8. tag pattern pdf*
  9. pencil
  10. 24" metal ruler
  11. Oops! an extra number. Please ignore.
  12. 3mm veg leather (un-tanned leather) with one side at least 20" long
  13. leather multi-hole punch
  14. 60mm rotary cutter (great for thick leather and multiple layers of thinner fabric)
  15. thick ruler or metal piece for stamping with
  16. box cutter, only if you don't have a rotary cutter
  17. bowl of water and a sponge

*I included an .eps file of the tag pattern if you'd prefer to laser cut your pieces out.

NOTE: Anything made from a hard material will stamp well into the leather, so feel free to play around with different objects, shapes and patterns!!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Tags

Picture of Cut Out Your Tags
tag 4.jpg
tag 5.jpg

Using your craft scissors, cut out your printed tag pattern.

Use the pattern as a template to cut around using your ruler and rotary cutter. Cut out one or two more tags than you need just in case you make any stamping mistakes.

Step 3: Punch Your Hole

Picture of Punch Your Hole
tag 7.jpg
tag punch.jpg

Use a sharp pencil to press & mark the center of the hole onto all your tags. Then use the largest hole setting on your leather hole puncher to create the tag's 'string' holes.

When using the hole punch, be sure to just squeeze hard and not to twist the puncher. Twisting will distort the hole.

Step 4: Preparing Your Surface For Stamping

Picture of Preparing Your Surface For Stamping
tag 9.jpg
tag 10.jpg
tag 11.jpg

In order to make stamping your leather easy and permanent, use a sponge to moisten the back of the tags until the water has soaked through to the front and wetted the entire front surface. Do all your tags and set aside.

Step 5: Playing With Pattern

Picture of Playing With Pattern
tag 15.jpg
tag 21.jpg

Wet a couple of test pieces and try out all your stamps until you find patterns that you'd like to use on the finished tags.

liakparker6 months ago
I made a tag for the slings I make! It's my first leather thing to make... Be easy on it! Thanks for giving me the idea and know-how!
15, 9:22 PM.jpg
Paige Russell (author)  liakparker6 months ago
It looks great!! Love the arrows. :)
3366carlos1 year ago


code60001 year ago
I work at an airport on the baggage conveyor system and I can assure you that nobody steals these things. They simply fall off bags constantly. We have to sweep them up everyday by the hundreds

I know - it was a joke. :P

Cute, cute, cute!!!!

And maybe Denver airport won't steal these!