Introduction: Leather Notebook (standard Size)

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I like to use standard size paper, and also to recycle scrap paper. By using standard sized paper, I don't have to cut the paper to "custom" sizes.

I already have a nice notebook that is 8.5 in X 5.5 in. So I thought I would make a smaller version, 5.5 in X 4 in. This worked out very well and now I feel I have the perfect note books.

Step 1: Standard Size Paper

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Use 8.5 X 11 inches paper and fold in half and cut. Now fold the remaining pieces in half, (5.5 in X 4.25 in) to make your notebook.

Step 2: Leather

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Find a nice piece of leather, the thicker the better. about 10 in X 6 in. for your cover. I folded the leather and clamped it for a couple of days to create the crease on the leather. I did not wet the leather.

Step 3: Holes to Attach, Bind

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Stack all your cut pieces of paper together.

To bind the notebook, I decided to make four holes on the pages and on the cover. One inch from top and bottom edges, and 1 inch in width for each binding point.

Step 4: Biding, Keep It Simple

Picture of Biding, Keep It Simple

To keep it simple, I used "picture hanging wire" I bought at one of the "dollar stores", I made "gigantic" staples and bent the edges to hold the notebook together.

Step 5: Pen Holder

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With a thinner piece of leather, I created a pen holder and stitched it to the edge using the saddle stitch. On the front cover I traced the image of a longhorn and filled it in using a regular black ink pen.

Also, notice I added a little string to use as a page marker/bookmark.

This little notebook turned out to be awesome and I use it for everything, especially for grocery lists.


dankozi713 (author)2017-01-04

Nice cover!!

3366carlos (author)dankozi7132017-01-06

Thank you, its the Fort Worth City (Cowtown) symbol.

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