This leather table runner is made by using contact adhesive to stick pieces of leather onto denim backing from a pair of old jeans before stitching the pieces down.

This is a reasonably basic sewing project but I am assuming you know how to work a sewing machine - zig-zag stitch, back-tacking at the start/end of stitching, etc.

Step 1: ​Materials


  • A bunch of leather scraps (you'll need more than you think)
  • Denim recycled from a pair of jeans
  • Extra-strong sewing thread

Standard Sewing Equipment:

    • Sewing machine
    • Leather or Jeans sewing needle
    • Fabric shears
    • Thread snips
    • Rotary cutter and cutting mat
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Ruler
    • Chalk or fabric pen

    Make sure you have strong thread and a strong needle - you can get a leather needle, but I found a jeans needle works just as well. The jeans needle makes a round hole, the leather needle makes a diamond-shaped cut which closes up better if you unpick the stitch.

    <p>I do so like this overall idea! I am a thrifty/frugal recycle kind of gal and would like to toss up a couple ideas. IF you can find them: leather belts, purses, shoes, boots, and even coats can offer up some interesting patterns for use in this project. Search thrift shops and yard sales. Taking items apart can actually be a soothing activity done while watching TV. Leather can be cleaned with orange cleaner if it's musty or has a heavy odor (like tobacco). Hope this idea helps others! :D</p>
    <p>i like your work</p>
    PS, thanks for the tip on tension. I've been sewing some very thick, dense fabric and my zig zag was skipping x
    <p>I think there can be some other reasons for zig-zag skipping, like a bent needle, but lowering the tension definitely solved the problem for me.</p>
    A very innovative use of leather, and the result is stunning. Thanks for posting it!
    This really is a beautiful piece, I love it.
    <p>Thank you!</p>

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