This leather table runner is made by using contact adhesive to stick pieces of leather onto denim backing from a pair of old jeans before stitching the pieces down.

This is a reasonably basic sewing project but I am assuming you know how to work a sewing machine - zig-zag stitch, back-tacking at the start/end of stitching, etc.

Step 1: ​Materials


  • A bunch of leather scraps (you'll need more than you think)
  • Denim recycled from a pair of jeans
  • Extra-strong sewing thread

Standard Sewing Equipment:

    • Sewing machine
    • Leather or Jeans sewing needle
    • Fabric shears
    • Thread snips
    • Rotary cutter and cutting mat
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Ruler
    • Chalk or fabric pen

    Make sure you have strong thread and a strong needle - you can get a leather needle, but I found a jeans needle works just as well. The jeans needle makes a round hole, the leather needle makes a diamond-shaped cut which closes up better if you unpick the stitch.

    <p>i like your work</p>
    PS, thanks for the tip on tension. I've been sewing some very thick, dense fabric and my zig zag was skipping x
    <p>I think there can be some other reasons for zig-zag skipping, like a bent needle, but lowering the tension definitely solved the problem for me.</p>
    A very innovative use of leather, and the result is stunning. Thanks for posting it!
    This really is a beautiful piece, I love it.
    <p>Thank you!</p>

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