Introduction: Leather & Satin Ribbon Bracelet

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In this instructables I'll show how to make this bracelet using leather and satin ribbon.

Stuffs Needed

• Scissor
• Leather belts
• Satin Ribbons
• Needle Pin (Big enough to get the ribbon through)
• Beads
• Something to make holes

Step 1: Make Holes

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Take a piece of the leather belt according to the size of your wrist.
Now make 3 holes in one end and 4 in the other end.

Step 2: First Ribbon

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Thread a satin ribbon into the needle.
Insert beads in to the ribbon and tie a knot at the end, so the beads don’t come out.

Now Take the satin ribbon insert through the first hole (the side with 4 holes), then pull it through the hole right behind the first hole (side with 3 hole).
Now again insert it into the 3rd hole and pull it through the 4th hole.
Tie the end of the ribbon with beads.

Step 3: 2nd Ribbon

Picture of 2nd Ribbon

Now take another ribbon, thread it and tie beads like before.
Insert the ribbon through the middle hole and pull it out through one of the two holes in the other side.
Now again insert it in the next hole, and pull it through middle hole again (side with 3 holes).Tie beads at the end.
Now the fun part, take the two ribbons end and pull. I think now you know how to wear it. :D

Step 4:

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Now the fun part, take the two ribbons end and pull.
I think now you know how to wear it. :D


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