Picture of Leather Snap Watch Band
In this Instructable I will be showing you how to take a scrap of leather, some snaps, and an old watch face in order to make a brand new classy looking watch!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
For this Instructable we will need several items.
1) Leather Band
2) Suede or other thin leather
3) Snaps
4) Snap Tools (To make the holes and attach them)
5) A Watch Face

Not Pictured
1) Super Glue
2) Hammer
3) Sewing Machine

Step 2: Making the Holes

Picture of Making the Holes
In order to attach the snaps we are going to need to make some holes. For this we have the snap attachment tools.
Make sure your piece of leather is about two to two and a half inches bigger than your wrist. This extra room will allow space for the watch to be mounted and the snaps to be in place.
Grab the hole making tool and make two holes on the outsides of the leather. Make them each about a half an inch in from the outside edge of your leather strip.

Step 3: Attaching the Snaps

Picture of Attaching the Snaps
For this part of the Instructable you will need to have the snap attaching tool. It's the one that looks like a bullet. Put the decorative side of your snap facing outwards. In my case it was a red snap. Make sure the shaft of your snaps goes all the way through after you but the attaching side on the inside. Using your hammer, the attaching tool, and a base of some kind (the harder the better) attach your snap. When attaching the opposite side keep in mind that the functioning sides must face each other. If you fail to do this your band will not connect.
Nice watch!
Cpt. Caleb3 years ago
Nicely done man.