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Introduction: Leather Steampunk Goggles

About: Hello all! I'm Michelle, a college sophomore studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. My interests vary wildly, though, so expect to see quite the variety from me!

My Steampunk goggles. They've gone through many revisions since they were first made. I got the original idea from this instructable  but it's not quite the same thing any more. 



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    Hello... I so want the brown leather steampunk googles. How do I get them.
    Marie Martinez , mmartinez6313@sbcglobal.net

    Diggin' the simplistic idea, and i love the leather, Definatly going to aim for something along these lines, I'll post a link to compair notes when i finish
    or start lol

    This is cool! I'll try to make some goggles like these, but I'll try to add an extra ingredient: flippable sunglasses lenses!

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    wow impressive i just sighed up so no instructables sorry well not yet at least

    The eyepieces look really well made! The roundest ones I've found so far! Good job!

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    Kew, kew, but are they ergonomically befitting one's head?

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    They fit pretty well, even if they look a little awkward. I will admit I prefer them on my head rather than over my eyes. I'm not fond of not being able to see out of the corner of my eyes.