Initially i wanted to try design a portable stand for my iPad, that would take up no more room than the ipad itself, and that would hold the device at the right angle for using on my desktop at work. I don't want an all enclosing case, just a stand, but one that was a little more curvacious than the normal off the shelf products.

As i make leather goods for a hobby, I wanted to see if this could also be made from leather. I have been trying to think of a way to use Sugru and leather to make an iPad stand for a while….when the Sugru Magnet kit came out, the idea just clicked (sorry about the pun!).

Step 1: Marking the Leather

So using the dimension of the iPad as a starting point, i played around with a few designs, and then made a paper mockup to check it looked right.

Then a card template was made and used to mark up the leather for cutting.

A sharp scratch awl is used to score the cut lines.

Two matching pieces of leather were cut and holes were cut into one side of leather to allow the magnets to sit into the leather when they were glued together.

That is a gorgeous stand, and so practical at the same time! You've done a fantastic design and fabrication job there.
<p>Sooo... Esentially this is a gadget holder that can't go near gadgets and you even can't carry it in your gadget bag due to potential damage.<br>I wonder why did you even bother with magnets, wouldn't it be a cooler solution to use leather snaps or buttons? They may suit such cool material like leather even more.</p>
Actually it can! It was my own outdated ignorance that thought it was a problem. <br><br>I have carried the stand in my bag alongside a laptop (but keeping the iPad between the two), without issue.<br><br>as for the use of magnets, it was only after making the stand I though of the possible problem, and everyone uses snaps on leather...I wanted to try something different.<br><br>It works, looks good to me, and everyone who's seen it really likes the use of magnets.<br><br>So no, snaps and buttons are definitely not a cooler solution!
<p>I may do that &quot;non-magnet&quot; alternative myself. Thanks.</p>
lightningad, get a couple small steel plates, and put them on the backsides of the magnets (the sides that don't need to touch), that'll contain the magnetic fields enough to even protect a floppy. I used to work for a company that used magnetic badge holders (two magnets arranged like yours for a strong grip), with magnetic swipe and scan badges, and they protected them with steel plates between the badges and the magnets.
Thanks Tex - sounds like a plan!<br><br>
ok - i'll try it one of these days!
<p><strong>...you don't have to worry about magnets annihilating your hard drive</strong>. Magnets were dangerous for 3.5-inch floppy disks, but modern hard drives aren't affected by anything short of a high-end degaussing device. Don't worry about your flash memory cards and solid-state drives, either &mdash; there's nothing magnetic about flash memory, so such devices won't be affected.</p><p>Source, though I didn't need a source because I'd known this: <a href="http://www.nbcnews.com/id/38841700/ns/technology_and_science-tech_and_gadgets" rel="nofollow"> http://www.nbcnews.com/id/38841700/ns/technology_...</a></p><p>Hard drives have stronger neodymium magnets than you're buying already in them and a lot of laptops use magnets to hold the lid closed, including every Macbook. Cool project, I just thought you'd like to know that you don't have to worry about the magnets :) </p>
interesting&hellip;thanks for posting.<br><br>Still, i'm not going to risk it - its slightly crazy to put a couple of strong &pound;3 magnets up against a &pound;2000 computer and hope its all safe.<br><br>Tried to read the link you attached but its broken!
It's really not crazy, it's a pervasive and annoying old wives' tale that needs to die, but whatever. Put the tablet between the laptop and the magnets and you'll be protected by the inverse square law - the farther the magnets are, the weaker their pull. :)
oh flip !!<br><br>now the link is working!
<p>Very nice! I love the organic curve of the leather stand.</p>
Thank you!<br>It's great to finally have a stand that is exactly right for my needs, the fact is curvy is a bonus!
<p>totally awesome project, we love it! :) great use of sugru + magnets kit</p>
much appreciated - thanks for all the positive thoughts.

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