Initially i wanted to try design a portable stand for my iPad, that would take up no more room than the ipad itself, and that would hold the device at the right angle for using on my desktop at work. I don't want an all enclosing case, just a stand, but one that was a little more curvacious than the normal off the shelf products.

As i make leather goods for a hobby, I wanted to see if this could also be made from leather. I have been trying to think of a way to use Sugru and leather to make an iPad stand for a while….when the Sugru Magnet kit came out, the idea just clicked (sorry about the pun!).

Passo 1: Marking the leather

So using the dimension of the iPad as a starting point, i played around with a few designs, and then made a paper mockup to check it looked right.

Then a card template was made and used to mark up the leather for cutting.

A sharp scratch awl is used to score the cut lines.

Two matching pieces of leather were cut and holes were cut into one side of leather to allow the magnets to sit into the leather when they were glued together.

Passo 2:

To increase the rigidity, I used 1mm styrene sheet sandwiched between the layers of leather where needed, cut to be 5mm less than the stands dimension. This allowed for glueing and then stitching, but meant i did not need to stitch through the styrene.

Passo 3: Stitch & Burnish

Once all edges were stitched, i sanded down the edge of the leather, then used a wooden burnisher to polish up the edges.

I forgot to take a photo of the leather once it was burnished - although i can just about be seen on the second image here!

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