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Introduction: Leather Tool Roll

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Lately I have been trying my skills at leather working. Because of that I have been buying (and making) more and more tools and that was a great reason for me to make a leather tool roll. Since it doesn't require a lot of tools, it is easy to make it and the roll is a very practical way of storing your tools!


  • Leather,
  • Thread,
  • Scotch tape,
  • Metal stud.


  • Knife,
  • Sewing machine (if you don't have one, you can always hand stitch),
  • Ruler,
  • Pen.

Step 1: Cutting the Leather

First of all, I found a big piece of leather and decided in what position I am going to place the tools in the roll.

After that I cut the leather in a rectangular shape and cut out a few leather pieces that will hold the tools in place.

Step 2: Sewing

Now the time consuming part.

I did use a sewing machine, because it is faster and it looks better, however it wouldn't take eternity to hand stitch it. Also I don't have a professional leather sewing machine. The leather I used is quite soft, so I was able to use an ordinary sewing machine, but I did use a special needle for it!

I used little pieces of scotch tape to hold the little leather pieces in place while sewing. And so I sewed on one piece after another..

While it seems that sewing machine makes the job easier, actually it's really boring to tie together all the loose ends of thread.

Step 3: Finish

I used a simple brass stud to close the tool roll.

In the end I would like to say that, it's an easy project both for inexperienced and professional leatherworkers, and this is only one set of tools that can be put in a roll. Also, it's meant for storing tools, so it's even better if it is roughly stitched and without burnished edges!

I'm sure that I'll make another one for other tools!!

You can check out my Etsy store HERE!

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    1 year ago

    Very nice project! A few more details would not hurt the instructions however. Things dimensions, approx. thickness of leather, etc. Otherwise, I enjoyed it very much.

    Nice tool roll. Anybody looking for leather for projects should check out their local thrift stores. I buy leather clothes and scrap for pennies. Great for practice.

    Nice piece, however contest rules are that you must use only hand tools. Since you used a sewing machine it does not qualify for this contest. Nice work though,

    5 replies

    There are handheld sewing machines too ;)

    Lol, it's true though...the contest rules specify that you can't use a sewing machine "Tools that are not allowed: table saws, drill presses, sewing machines, and any kind of CNC machine (mills, 3D printers, etc.)." But they must've let it slide because this leather tool roll is too cool ;) Nice instructable!

    Can you elaborate? Maybe show a picture of using it? Do you mean a sewing awe, or something else? https://youtu.be/doSNwF86YvQ

    Well, to be honest, I do not feel any need to explain myself to you :)

    But for your interest you can check out this video!


    I have different colors and sizes of Finished Leather if you would like to buy from me. Please contact me.

    1 reply

    With my leather work, I usually pull the
    threads to the same side and melt them with a lighter, then press them
    flat against the other stitches. It kind of melts them in place. It does
    take a while, especially when you have 22 to do at a time.

    1 reply

    Yeah, I did the same, it really does take a while.

    I love the idea of a tool pouch like this. Great Idea and Job on it.

    1 reply

    tandyleather.com is a good place for both unfinished and finished sections of hide and leather...no I don't work there :), and yes, they can be pricey. Sales are a great time to buy LOL. Lots of tool selection as well. Unless you have a local taxidermist or butcher in your area, Tandy leather is a good place to shop...plus they have videos for suggestions and ideas.

    Where did you get the leather from? I've been trying to find somewhere to order good leather from and it is proving to be very difficult.

    1 reply

    I buy it in a leather shop in my home town, and I am certain that there is a leather shop in every big city! I don't suggest ordering the leather, because it is alot more expensive, and you can't really tell the texture and the thickness of the leather from pictures alone. I usually spend a long time until I find the leather that feels right!

    [delete]Feature Comment

    Looks nice! I've been making tool holders too, for my newly acquired leather hobby. It is very satisfying to have a special place for each one.