Here's a super classy way to spruce up the top of your nightstand. This easy project can be finished in a few hours and makes a great gift for Dads and even looks great in an office.

Step 1: Materials

List of materials for this project. -8"x8" 6-8oz Vegetable Tanned leather (try shoe repair shops for cheap scraps, and also eBay!). The heavier the weight, the thicker the leather. Obviously the thicker the leather, the harder to work with. During this instructable I used 6oz leather, but the picture above is of my first one of these, which was 8oz. It's really up to you, I know I will only use lighter leather for any more I end up doing :) -Leather dye of your choice (in this instructable I used Fiebing's Tan dye, but had to use multiple coats to reach the color I wanted. I have now started to use light brown, it works well) -Heavy duty thread color of your choice (preferably waxed, but not necessary, I used an off white color) -Box cutter with good blades -Small Right Angle Awl (or large needle) -Standard size hammer -Carpenters square -Nitrile/latex gloves -Scrap Rags -Bucket or large pot of warm (not hot) water -A fork. Yes a fork.
Made a second 1 for my son. He wanted the carving on the inside. I had some nice liner leather that I glued to the outside and double loop laced them together.
Beautiful work!
Thanks for your Instructions, easy to follow. I did do some a little different but only cause I have made leather before. I wet my leather with a sponge and dyed it with a wool dauber and a small paint brush to go around the monogram. Also reversed and had raw leather on the inside with a liner on the bottom. My rivets were off a little, been years since I last worked with leather. I doubled loop laced from rivet down, had planed on lacing the whole corner. Thanks for getting me started.
@Carlo$, I gathered everything to make my own wallet, then my GF bought me one for Christmas. Haha. I have made an iPhone holster I'm pretty proud of, I think I'll make an instructable for that later.
very nice, did you make the wallet too?
Thanks for the tip!! I'll try that out on the next one :)
Your project looks nice. You can use what is called a harness stitch. You put a needle on each end of the thread. Then put one needle through the hole and pull until you have equal lengths on either side of your project. Then you put each needle through each hole and tighten. At the top you can still loop over the top. This locks the stitches and gives you a solid line.

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