Leather Cable-holder With Metal Fastener





Introduction: Leather Cable-holder With Metal Fastener

Organize all your cables in nice way with leather holder.

Step 1: Tools to Work With

Piece of pliable leather.
Sharp cutter. In my case 9 mm snap-off cutter.
Snap fasteners and tool to click them together.
Cutting board.

Step 2: Measure

Measure width of the holder. I did 12 mm.

Step 3: Cut

Cut the stripe and straighten the ends.

Step 4: Get the Tool

Get your snap fastener fastening tool and hammer to hit it.

Step 5: Positioning of Snap

You make dot in place, where should be the center of snap.
Aiming is done through small hole in the snap-tool.

Step 6: It Is Done

You have made your own old medium holder for modern age cables.



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    4 Discussions

    doktorviktor, really impressed at the quality these holders will bring to our cables. kakashibatosi's idea of adding a slot is really good too. Sources of leather would include 2nd hand stores - clothing, purses and belts. A really good source - for my money - is Hobby Lobby stores. The stores are big, so ask someone to show you where the leather section is. A really good way to both save money and be creative is to look for the plastic bags containing leather scraps. Should be snaps and tools there in the same section too. Good luck and thank you.

    if you cut length wise twice at the middle you should be able to store the holder on the cable and never lose it. just make sure the cuts are long enough to fit over whatever fitting is on the end (hdmi, usb, etc)

    Love it - great idea - free if you have the materials around (which I do) and a great solution to all the cords everywhere!