Leather camera belt pouch from a single rectangle

Picture of Leather camera belt pouch from a single rectangle
Hello and welcome to my second instructable, which is, as you could tell, another leather creation! This one is a very simple camera holder for your belt. I have been carrying my camera (a Canon Digital Ixus 60) around since I had it, using a belt pouch I bought with the camera. Where is the problem? The problem is I bought it. I did not make it. To fully appreciate something, you have to create it! So, let's get started, and let's create it for your camera!
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Step 1: The materials

Picture of The materials
The materials required for this project are:
- Leather (harvester from old couches)
- Shoelace

- SD Card holder
- Snap fastener

Step 2: The tools

Picture of The tools
- Hole-puncher
- Scissors or sharp knife
- Snap fastener tool and hammer
- Pliers

Step 3: Start cutting

Picture of Start cutting
Cut a rectangle of leather. Mine was pretty random, it just looked like it could fit my camera.

I measured it and here are the values that will do for a Canon Digital Ixus 60 (refer to picture notes).

Step 4: Other cuts

Picture of Other cuts
Cut again following this pattern.

Keep the part you cut off, as it will be needed for the belt strap!

Make sure to cut those two slits in the picture.

Step 5: First holes

Picture of First holes
Start punching holes along the sides as shown in the first picture, the proceed to the second one.

Don't worry about messing up! If you punch an extra hole, you may as well use it when you have to sew it.

Step 6: Understanding the shape

Picture of Understanding the shape
I used screws to hold it in place and take a picture. This is how it will be folded and sewn.

Step 7: Last holes

Picture of Last holes
Make more holes as shwon in the pictures, the central part will go inside the pouch.
colleen_s9 months ago

Great job, love the minimalist approach with your tools and materials. Very manly. :)

SussoGobbino (author)  colleen_s9 months ago

Thank you, I actually made another pouch for my multitool, I have yet to upload it, but it has come out much better than this one!