Picture of Leather heart bracelet with inlaid leather stones
     In a previous instructable, I made some leather stones.  I decided to use those stones to make a bracelet and share the process of in laying the stones.  Other types of stones could be inlaid with the same process. 
     If you choose to use the leather stones, check my instructable and prepare them first.

Step 1: Leather heart bracelet with inlaid leather stones

Picture of Leather heart bracelet with inlaid leather stones
     The tool list is long, but most of them are common things.

Marble or stone slab
Dividers or calipers
Modeling tool
Swivel knife
Seeder tool  S100
Beveler  B200
Leather punch 1/2 inch
Cutting Board
Break away knife
Sponge with bowl of water
Masking tape
Paint brush
Sheep wool or soft cloth
Snap and snap setter
Rotary punch

Note:  I failed to download this picture and had to redo the set up.  The leather strips are not cut to size in this picture.

Its really pretty!
grandmaof13 (author)  marcellahella2 years ago
Thank you. I've been wondering if you had any luck finding a magazine about leather carving.
Not yet, because the book called lucky, it's written it is about 17 different patterns of wallet ...and so I thougt wasn't the right one.
This is the link I find http://www.tandyleather.eu/en-eur/66050-00.aspx?countryid=1012
grandmaof13 (author)  marcellahella2 years ago
Sorry about that. I was thinking the lucky 7 had basic instructions. The Leatherwork book from Tandy and some of the abcs of leather carving would have that information.