You finally got your new iPad Air and but don't like any of the store bought cases. You know you'll end up dropping it and crack the screen. You don't want to just shove it in your backpack to get all scratched up. Sleeves are pretty lame. So what are you to do?

Stop crying and make your own you lazy bum.

Step 1: Tools

You need some basic tools and materialesto make this look professional.


-Knife (snap off utilities are nice, no sharpening)

-Cutting surface

-Metal straight edge

-Variety of leather punches

-1" round strap end punch

-cloth tape measure

-Sewing machine (some home sewing machines are strong enough but I have a commercial machine)

I do a lot of projects that are hand stitched but this cover has a lot of stitching


-Leather (about 2.5 sq. ft. of leather for shell 1 sq. ft. of suede for inside cover)

-Thickish grey board (stiffener for cover and for patterns)

-Contact cement

The last two pics show a wider variety of tools if you get into leather working more. See my other instructables

<p>i wanted to know if i could personalize this further by adding a metal logo on it? what would be the best way to attach it to the leather considering heavy use since the ipad would be in my hand or my bag.<br>Something like this photo..</p>
<p>thank you</p>
<p>Really cool..</p>
<p>Wow, this is gorgeous!</p>
Wow. This looks amazing! Thanks for the detailed instructions and great pictures
Hey bud, this case looks great. Thanks for your instructable. I am looking to get into leather working but really don't know where to start. Do you have any tips or plan on doing an instructable for beginning leather working? I'm not sure how you would contact me back but I'll be looking. Thanks<br><br>Ricky

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