After being unable to find anything that met with her needs, a friend asked me to make a bespoke folio that she could use for business presentations.

She had certain requirements, and the challenge was making a case that met all of them, and still retained a character all its own.

This Instructable shows how i approached the project, and breaks down the steps i took to build it. If you're brave, have a go yourself!

Step 1: The Brief

The requirements i was given were :-

1. Hold an iPad 2 (make sure to check the actual dimensions, as they are all slightly different!)

2. Hold a Blackberry phone

3. Have somewhere to store loose leaf pages and a writing pad (A4 size)

4. A pocket for business cards.

and it was to be made of leather.

I was shown a typical faux leather business folder as an example, and immediately knew there was a much better solution to be found.

The next step was to quiz Rachel about how she used her current folder, how she prefered to use the ipad and what she hoped to achieve with this new product. Another question that proved to be vital in ensuring the case was right for the task was whether she was right or left handed.

This then informed the layout of the case, right down to putting a pen holder on the left side of the case rather than the right.

Watching Rachel hold the iPad and use it as she would in a presentation showed that it needed to be in landscape mode, and that it would be best located on the left of the case, with the phone off to the right.

With these points in mind, i then did nothing for a few days!

I find that i get a much better overall idea and design if i let my subconscious work on the details for a while. I mentally check in on the design every so often, but tend to leave it to mature on its own. Then when its progressed i find the idea jumps to the fore and i can examine and refine it before sending it back for more subconscious work. I know how mad that sounds, but it really does work!

Grrr...really annoyed this is not allowed to enter the Leathercraft contest, just because it's 10days old! <br><br>Might have to reconsider before uploading any new projects in future.
<p>really impressive! Did vote for you in the gadget contest!</p>
Thanks very much!
<p>I heartily agree with your method of design. Sometimes I feel the cosmos will tell me what to do if I let it or I listen peacefully.</p>
Thank you, that's very kind.
<p>this piece is lovely!</p>
<p>Cool work. Maybe some day I'll try to make it.</p>
<p>Great work. I was looking for a way to fix our kids iPad cover (silicon corners). This gives me plenty of ideas for a tissue/leather/wood solution.</p>
<p>Beautiful! </p>
<p>very kind of you all, thanks!</p>
Yeah nice
<p>Lucky friend! Bet she gets compliments all the time about her folio. Wonderful workmanship. </p>
Very good !
<p>Very nice! Being a leathercraft amateur, I know that in creathing this folio there is more to it than meets the eye. Well done!</p>
<p>thank you, Ceddy.</p>
Great work! I am currently learning leather working. I love the craft.
<p>me too! This is how I am learning the craft...and it's something I doubt you can ever fully learn. There's always something new to master.</p>

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