Here I'll show you how to make a pretty simple iPad sleeve all out of leather.  Delicious leather.  Can you smell it?  This sleeve uses 5 to 7 oz. chrome tanned leather and suede (also cow leather just finished differently)

Dimensions can be modified to fit the iPad mini. ( I need to get me one of those.  But when I do it will be for my wife ;-)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-Leather- I use between 5 and 7 oz. leather.  Need about 3 sq. ft. of finished leather and 1.5 of colored suede (make it thick 6 oz.)
-Contact cement
-2 rivets
-1 heavy duty metal snap
-Thick thread for machine
-Thin cardboard, chipboard, poster board for pattern
-(optional) you can make up a mock up of your iPad so you don't damage your's out of mdf.  Not really necessary if you are only making one.

-Sewing Machine with leather needle.  Should be a rather strong machine if your leather is a little heavier weight.  If your leather is lighter weight you can just use a home machine.  Mine's a walking foot Juki DNU-1541 
-Straight edge
-Razor. Snap off kind
-Sharp shears or scissors
-Music by Radiohead ( something like Kid A should do the trick.  Don't skimp here this is important! )

I hope you win. :D This is fantastic!!
Thanks so much! I hope so too!
GREAT work !! Pictures are perfect for understanding the how-to part. Good luck on your work and I'm a fan! Kanatka
You're too nice. thank you! By the by... purple ties are awesome!
Thank you very much! <br>
So cool! I just love your embellishments! They are done so well :)
Thanks so much! Glad you like it.

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