Do you need wrist support? Swag? Both? 

You will need:
- 6"x18"x1/8" leather
- 8 Chicago screws
- 4 3/4" buckles
- 4 3/4" D rings
- Scissors
- Leather punch
- Oil (canola, olive, coconut, whatever)

Step 1: The Leather

Either download and print the attached pattern (thanks Catling), or construct your own with a carpenter's square.

If drafting your own pattern, first mark a 6"X18" rectangle. Across the short dimension mark lines at 4, 5.5, and 11.5 inches. Along the long dimension mark lines at .5, 1.25, 1.75, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4.25, 4.75, and 5.5 inches. On the buckle side, mark holes at .25, 1, and 3.5 inches, and a notch for the buckle prong from 2-2.5 inches. On the thong side mark holes every half inch. 

Once the leather is cut out and punched, you may want to soften it by heating it and soaking it in oil. Put the leather flat on a cookie sheet covered in oil, and put them in the oven at ~200F for a half hour. Wash with detergent and dry before installing the hardware.
<p>i can also make a nice short wrist guard for archery and a support for shooting</p>
<p>Is Chicago bolts the correct name for those? At a hardware store that I worked at, we called these &quot;sex bolts&quot;, for obvious reasons.</p>
Did you use a dye or does the oil/heat treatment turn the leather black?

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