Introduction: Leatherman Kick Leather Sheath Insert

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I purchased a “Standard Leather Sheath I” for my Leatherman Kick, the black oxide version that came with a nylon sheath that I don’t think is discrete enough for EDC.

The leather sheath is fine, but the sheath is slightly larger than the Kick itself so it rattles when you walk around. So I came up with the idea of making an insert so the Kick would fit snuggly into to the sheath.

Please notice that measurements provided are in centimeters only.

Materials needed:
Knife or scissors
A sheet of plastic, e.g. a DVD-cover
Self adhesive Velcro or duct tape
Masking tape (optional)
Lighter (optional)

Step 1: Prepare the Plastic Sheet

Picture of Prepare the Plastic Sheet

Prepare a sheet of plastic measuring 6 by 9 cm. I got my sheet of plastic from a DVD-cover.

Apply masking tape and draw lines according to the photo.

Step 2: Cut the Plastic Sheet

Picture of Cut the Plastic Sheet

Cut the pieces of plastic.

Step 3: Apply Velcro or Duct Tape

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Apply Velcro or duct tape.

The Velcro keeps the insert in the sheath when you pull the knife out. I guess the rubbery surface on duct tape will have the same effect.

If you haven’t got any self adhesive Velcro, you probably will be able to use ordinary Velcro and a hot glue gun.

At this point I used the lighter to round the edges of the plastic piece measuring 3 by 9 cm.

Step 4: Put the Insert Into the Sheath

Picture of Put the Insert Into the Sheath

Insert “the creation” into the sheath, wrapping it around the knife will make it easier.


uncle frogy (author)2012-07-31

I have a multi-tool and sheath that I wear all the time it started to develop a hole in the bottom where the tip rests and was advised to try gluing a piece of leather inside like from an old leather belt. I never did glue it in but it has been in there for far longer than I had it before it developed the hole.
uncle frogy

M40 (author)2012-07-26

Nice. I've seen the same issue with extra room in these sheaths, but I usually find a ferrocerium rod of the right diameter to take up the slack.

Dr. Pepper (author)2011-01-02

super cool!

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