Something that I always have at my side, is my Leatherman Wave. It has all kinds of tools that can help out at a moments notice except for one, a punchdown tool! As a system admin, sometimes I have the need to terminate a keystone jack or punchdown block and I don't have room in my pocket to carry a real punchdown tool with me everywhere I go. Now with this quick mod, I can! Everyone that has a Wave knows about the "large screwdriver" aka "pry-bar." I never understood it's true meaning since you already have four different screwdrivers to choose from. Now you can ditch that and have a nice useful punchdown tool.
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Step 2: Make it shine!

Next you will want to file down and then sand both sides where you ground the thickness down. This will make it smooth and shiny.

Step 4: Finished!

Hooray, you now have a functional non-impact punchdown tool on your Leatherman! Go try it out!

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