The objective of this instructable is to use efficiently the eyeglass screwdriver on the new redesigned Leatherman Surge, who lacks the capability to hold this small screwdriver.

Step 1: Sacrifice ...

You will need to sacrify one of your "bit kit":

1- With a Dremel, cut the both ends of the bit driver, leave around 8mm of the central portion (keep it centered).

2- The most difficult part: cut a groove just the thickness of the eyeglass screwdriver (the finest side), just deep enough for the screwdriver to fit totally inside the groove.

3- Add some superglue, welding, epoxy ... whatever you want, it doesn't really matter.

Step 2: And Voilà !

You can use your new homemade bit both in the Surge and the bit extender !

This is totally bad ass! <br> I have ground down a Leatherman bit to use as tension so I can use various cutting blades in the bit holder. I should have figured this out. <br>Great job!
Thanks !
<p>Now I feel silly, I was planning on removing my wave mini screwdriver and swapping it with my surge's small ish flathead screwdriver. <br>I've got an extra bit or two from purchasing bit kits.</p>

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