Leatherman Wave Metal Saw





Introduction: Leatherman Wave Metal Saw

I was looking for a "cheap and dirty" way to use a metal saw on the Wave, like on the Surge, so I made this project using standard jigsaw blades.

Step 1: Concept

The objective is to use the Wave's tool locker (on the file and wood-saw side only) to prevent the jigsaw blade from slipping, with a thick layer (1.5mm) of epoxy resin on the base of a U-shank / T-shank jigsaw blade.

This way the blade can be mechanically retained by the tool locker.

Step 2: Add a Thick Layer of Epoxy Resin on the End of a Jigsaw Blade, Let It Dry, and Grind It

The final thickness should be approximately 1.5mm, and the lengh about 9mm.

Here is the "U-shank" jigsaw blade example.

Step 3: T-shank Jigsaw Blade Type

For T-shank type blade, you have 2 options:

A: original blade with epoxy, unmodified, easiest-lasiest ... but less efficient, tends to move more in heavy use.

B: blade with "ears" and bottom grinded; it can fit a little bit more inside the Wave, and thereby, the blade will stay locked by the frame and the locker of the Wave.



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    Please note that the blade can be reversed (teeth facing up OR down).

    Interesting. It can be removed?

    That's a great addition to a multi-tool. Good thinking!