A while ago, I saw the ITable of cutlery the (fabulous) Leatherman Wave . As my wave is the new model, I decided to join spoon and fork making a spork and add a feature.


A algum tempo atrás, vi o able de como fazer talheres para o (fabuloso) Leatherman Wave . Como o meu wave é do modelo novo, resolvi fazer um novo talher, juntando garfo e colher resultando num spork (spoon+fork) adicionando algumas funcionalidades.

Step 1: What We Need - O Que Precisamos

1 stainless steel  tablespoon
1 Leatherman Wave (new model)

- Vise
- hand held rotary tool (Dremel)
- handsaw (for metal)
- sandpaper (fine grit)
- Flat file
- Triangular file
- waterproof marker

- safety goggles
- work gloves


1 Colher de Sopa
1 Leatherman Wave (modelo novo)

- Morsa
- Micro-retífica (Dremel)
- Serra de mão (para metal)
- Lixa (400)
- Lima chata
- Lima triangular
- Marcador Permanente

Equipamentos de Proteção Individual - EPI:
- Óculos de segurança
- Luvas

<p>Buenisimo amigo!!!</p>
Brilliant idea. If I get my hands on an old spoon than I will soon have a new attachment for my Leatherman! In the mean time I'll be making a flashlight attachment. Thanks for the inspiration!
Beautiful idea, but you got the name wrong. There is no such thing as a spork, its a foon.<br>
I &lt;3 my wave
I love it!<br>Gonna use it for everything .. also I'm stealing the phrase &quot;Nao existe colher&quot;
This is very good.
This is perfect! The spork is the wacky uncle of the utensil family.
I do have a Wave, but it never occurred to me that I could make custom attachments for the screwdriver. Interesting....<br> <br> Instead, I made this, which fits nicely in my wallet.<br> <br> <br> <br> <a href="http://solarflower.blogspot.com/2010/11/unnecessary-distractions-2-solar-shower.html">http://solarflower.blogspot.com/2010/11/unnecessary-distractions-2-solar-shower.html</a><br>
A Leatherman with a spork - now that's my kind of tool! My beloved titanium spork would be the perfect candidate for this brilliant marriage of tool and eating utensil...

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