Picture of Leatherman Wave Spork
A while ago, I saw the ITable of cutlery the (fabulous) Leatherman Wave . As my wave is the new model, I decided to join spoon and fork making a spork and add a feature.


A algum tempo atrás, vi o able de como fazer talheres para o (fabuloso) Leatherman Wave . Como o meu wave é do modelo novo, resolvi fazer um novo talher, juntando garfo e colher resultando num spork (spoon+fork) adicionando algumas funcionalidades.
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Step 1: What we need - O que precisamos

Picture of What we need - O que precisamos
1 stainless steel  tablespoon
1 Leatherman Wave (new model)

- Vise
- hand held rotary tool (Dremel)
- handsaw (for metal)
- sandpaper (fine grit)
- Flat file
- Triangular file
- waterproof marker

- safety goggles
- work gloves


1 Colher de Sopa
1 Leatherman Wave (modelo novo)

- Morsa
- Micro-retífica (Dremel)
- Serra de mão (para metal)
- Lixa (400)
- Lima chata
- Lima triangular
- Marcador Permanente

Equipamentos de Proteção Individual - EPI:
- Óculos de segurança
- Luvas

Step 2: Mark and Cut - Marcando e Cortando

Picture of Mark and Cut - Marcando e Cortando
Choose a size that suits you
Make a mark with permanent marker
Hold the spoon on vise
Cut with a handsaw
Always use a protection gear!


Escolha um tamanho para a colher que lhe agrade
Faça uma marca com o marcador permanente
Prenda a colher na morsa
Corte com a serra manual
Sempre use seu EPI

Step 3: Cutting the Shape of Bit - Cortando no formato do bit

Picture of Cutting the Shape of Bit - Cortando no formato do bit
Using the Phillips/screwdriver bit as a template
Mark the dimensions on the spoon cable
Then using the dremel cut the exact dimensions
See the following photos below
Always use the safety goggles and gloves


Usando o bit de chave defenda/philips que acompanha o Wave como gabarito
Marque as dimensões no extremidade do cabo de sopa
Em seguida usando a micro-retifica, corte nas dimensões exatas
Veja a seqüência de fotos abaixo
Sempre use EPI


Step 4: Add holes - Adicionando furos

Picture of Add holes - Adicionando furos
3 holes was added to put a lanyard
It also gets a sportier appearance


Adicionei 3 furos furos para passar um cabo de segurança e auxiliar na fixação
Também fica com uma aparência mais esportiva

3366carlos5 months ago

Buenisimo amigo!!!

TheGreatS3 years ago
Brilliant idea. If I get my hands on an old spoon than I will soon have a new attachment for my Leatherman! In the mean time I'll be making a flashlight attachment. Thanks for the inspiration!
Dellpatrol63 years ago
Beautiful idea, but you got the name wrong. There is no such thing as a spork, its a foon.
_Scratch_4 years ago
I <3 my wave
omnibot4 years ago
I love it!
Gonna use it for everything .. also I'm stealing the phrase "Nao existe colher"
ok neo
caarntedd4 years ago
This is very good.
splazem4 years ago
This is perfect! The spork is the wacky uncle of the utensil family.
I do have a Wave, but it never occurred to me that I could make custom attachments for the screwdriver. Interesting....

Instead, I made this, which fits nicely in my wallet.
Uncle Kudzu4 years ago
A Leatherman with a spork - now that's my kind of tool! My beloved titanium spork would be the perfect candidate for this brilliant marriage of tool and eating utensil...
Wasagi4 years ago