a tool rack made by recycling an old wooden stool

Step 1: The Problem

I needed to improve my tool storage so decided to build a rack behind my workbench. I wanted to have all the tools close at hand but also safely out of the way, as many are very sharp! Currently they all get chucked into a variety of plastic boxes, which is not a good way to store them.
<p>Best line in the whole 'Ible......&quot;Being flexible of mind and cheap of wallet...&quot;</p><p>Excellent 'Ible, thanks! Definitely turned out nicely!</p>
<p>Very nice. good solution to stacking up tools in a box.</p>
<p>I made a variation of this, using a chuck from am old hand drill, wood, and some allthread.</p>
Do you mind me asking what the water based leather dye is that you mentioned on your bag tutorial?<br><br>The only water based dye I've tried is tandys Eco flow, which is crap! I tend to use Fiebings spirit dyes, but really like the colour you used and want to see if I can get some in the UK.
Thank you.
<p>Great idea! I'm gonna have to reorganize my tool holder now. I especially like what you did with the head knife. I always set it down next to me and then dull up the edge by it bumping into other stuff. Definitely gonna do something like that with magnets.</p><p>Thanks</p>
Thanks Phiske....My worry was always burying it under piles of stuff, then losing a finger whilst digging through !<br><br>Feels a lot safer now.
<p>That too! Now that I finally know how to sharpen it correctly...I'm also always worried that my three year old is gonna pull it off my bench.</p>
<p>What an elegant solution to clutter. I am inspired by the economical, spontaneous and creative way you dealt with is &quot;problem&quot;! Up-cycling something you already have, but haven't found a use for, is the way to go! </p>
<p>I love it. Having all my own tools all over the place, I actually made a few leather pouches to have them in, but as I don't have a wall to hang it on currently, I'm not using it, I might just copy this idea!</p>
Go for it! Half the fun is in actually thinking of ways to repurpose stuff you already own to work for you.<br><br>Good luck
<p>Excellent&hellip; being a multimedia artist and having a TON of different fine to larger tools, this is an excellent guide to working solutions for many of my tools and cleaning up the clutter from my studio and desk, drawers and allow me to actually honor and take care of my tools. I hate the way I have to store most of them due to lack of space and access to them when I am ready or need something. I am going to use this and, if it's alright, modify it a bit for a about 8 different tool sets. Including my dremel (for which I am always either ruining the bits, or loosing them). Thank you. </p>
Thanks...it's not shown on these pictures, but I have since added some hooks around the lower base to hang some other tools including my Dremel. I might even drill some smaller holes in that lower base to put the Dremel bits in...
<p>Very nice idea, this will work for all kinds of tools endless!</p><p>Mike.</p>
<p>Great idea. I have many of the same problems with my tools and very little space. I like the shelf over your work space. I may do that first and see how everything else fits in. </p>
My initial thought was to make another shelf on the main bench just like the other...it was a lack a timber that forced a rethink and a much better solution.
<p>Sweet. Thank you.</p>
My pleasure...thanks for the kind words.
<p>Excellent! I love using &quot;what you have&quot; to accomplish &quot;what I got to do...&quot;</p>

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