Step 8: Sew Zipper

The zipper will determine how large the neckhole is. If you want your sweater to be able to go more off the shoulder, you will want your zipper to be longer. Hold the zipper against yourself to decide how long you want it.

Tack the end of the zipper just past your desired length.

Pin the edge of the neckhole onto the zipper. You want to be pinning the outside side of the sweater to the outside side of the zipper, so that when the sweater is right-side-out the seam is inside. Use a straight stitch and a zipper foot to sew the fabric onto each side of the zipper. I put my zipper pull half way down the zipper, and then when I sew up to the zipper pull, I pause sewing to pull it up past the sewing machine foot.

To sew the ends of the zipper to the fabric, I put the foot of my sewing machine up, and used the hand wheel to slowly make stitches. I sewed around the top and bottom edges, tacking over the actual zipper teeth themselves several times when I got to them.

Trim the zipper to length. I used the instructions here: https://indiesew.com/blog/how-to-shorten-a-zipper

<p>How do you see if you're in &quot;leave me alone&quot; mode?</p>
<p>the name is hilarious</p>
<p>Sweater-town isn't accepting visitors today.</p>
<p>How about a couple of googely eyes above the zipper? very cool idea, I like it!</p>
RuthGrace, this is AWESOME! Long flights, (long public commutes of any kind, for that matter), are only one of the very practical reasons for this sweater. I know of at least a few people who would greatly love this sweater, to assist in sensory overload situations, with their autism spectrum disorders. Pair it with earplugs, and the Autie or Aspie could get some desperately needed down time, even surrounded by family and friends - like in long car rides, college dorms(or other gotta-room-share situations), &amp; summer camp. You could market this. You SHOULD market this.
<p>Useful to pass the night at university on a big project when there is no more bus or subway to come back home to sleep. Was force to use a tuque instead.</p>
<p>Sending this to a friend of mine, I think she'll love it. BTW, I think you meant YKK for the zipper<br></p><p>http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-24-Assortment-Mix-Colors-YKK-3-Skirt-Dress-Nylon-Coil-50-ZIPPER-WHOLESALE-/351855737841?var=&amp;hash=item51ec3c7bf1:m:mPSxPWO5_6IjHu5vKFXmKSg</p>
<p>This is wonderful! I lol'd at the cover photo.</p>
<p>The zipper resembles Kermit's mouth. This isn't made for walkin!</p><p>Beth calls her head stocking a sculpture, what do you call this?</p>
<p>I would have loved to have this when I was living in the Bay Area - this is hilarious! :D</p>
Love this
<p>I love the &quot;leave me alone&quot; feature!</p>
Hehe, thank you!
This is one of the best things that I have ever seen!! Well done
You are so kind! Thank you :)

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