Introduction: Led Blinking Project.

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This is a simple led blinking project. That blink one by one

Step 1: Apparatus Requirements

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Bring arduino uno r3 development board or any as per ur choice but i am using that board and some led(5pcs)

Step 2: Connection Diagram

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Connect led as per diagram.

*note long strip of led is positive/plus(+) and small strip is for negative/minus/ground (-)

Step 3: Programming

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//Download arduino sketch application from official websitethen install and open it after that paste this code

int led=13;
int led2=11; int led3=10; int led4=9; int led5=8; void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once: pinMode(led,OUTPUT); pinMode(led2,OUTPUT); pinMode(led3,OUTPUT); pinMode(led4,OUTPUT); pinMode(led5,OUTPUT); }

void loop() { digitalWrite(led,HIGH); delay(50); digitalWrite(led2,HIGH); delay(50); digitalWrite(led3,HIGH); delay(50); digitalWrite(led4,HIGH); delay(50); digitalWrite(led5,HIGH); delay(50); digitalWrite(led,LOW); delay(50); digitalWrite(led2,LOW); delay(50); digitalWrite(led3,LOW); delay(50); digitalWrite(led4,LOW); delay(50); digitalWrite(led5,LOW); delay(50); // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:


Step 4: Final Step

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Verify and upload your program in the arduino board, u have done

Step 5:


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Thanks for sharing :)

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