Led Cool Light Tape for Quadcopter

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Introduction: Led Cool Light Tape for Quadcopter

I need some lamps or any light to sign the attitude of my quadcopter.

Cause it's dangerous to fly at night, could not recognize the attitude may make it crash.

I choose the cool light led tape.

Step 1:

This tape is thin and soft, could be cut off if too long.

Power supply is 12v. Need a specialized adpter between 12v and the tape.

Step 2:

Circuit is simple, I just connect to the coper's 12V power without on-off switch.

Then stick the two adpters to the buttom of the coper. No space for them above now.....

Looks mess....but it works.....

Step 3:

Last step, power on!

Oh yeah! Looks cool!

Flight next night!

Step 4: This Is 'next Night'...

Still hart to figure out its attitude if flight a little far...

Step 5:



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I bought it in China,maybe can be found in Amazon or eBay. :)