Step 27: Build the cube: mount the cube

Picture of Build the cube: mount the cube
Mount the cube. That sounds very easy, but it's not. You have to align 64 LED legs to slide through 64 holes at the same time. It's like threading a needle, times 64.

We found it easiest to start with one end, then gradually popping the legs into place. Use a pen or something to poke at the LED legs that miss their holes.

Once all 64 LED legs are poking through the base, carefully turn it on it's side. Then bend all 64 legs 90 degrees. This is enough to hold the cube firmly mounted to the base. No need for glue or anything else.
woutervddn4 years ago
Isn't it easier to put it on it's side first? before sticking the legs true? I think I might try it that way. Unless someone else tried it already and found that it didn't work?
going vertically you get a gravity as a third hand helping you,
going laterally you'd need to elevate the cube off the bench
right.. I forgot the legs don't magically align.. :D