Step 3: Ordering components

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We see a lot of people asking for part numbers for DigiKey, Mouser or other big electronics stores.

When you're working with hobby electronics, you don't necessarily need the most expensive components with the best quality.

Most of the time, it is more important to actually have the component value at hand when you need it.

We are big fans of buying really cheap component lots on eBay. You can get assortments of resistor, capacitors, transistors and everything in between. If you buy these types of assortments, you will almost always have the parts you need in your part collection.

For 17 USD you can get 2000 resistors of 50 different values. Great value, and very convenient.

Try doing som eBay searches and buy some components for future projects!

Another one of our favorite stores is Futurlec (http://www.futurlec.com/). They have everything you need. The thing they don't have is 1000 different versions of that thing that you need, so browsing their inventory is a lot less confusing than buying from those bigger companies.
varshal6 months ago
simon.anderson.5477 made it!7 months ago

I did it! Thanks for the great Instructable: it really was an inspiration whilst starting to learn electronics, I just HAD to make one for myself...

Instead of Arduino, I used a Raspberry Pi: as such, I had limited outputs pins, but advantage of easy-interface: plug in network cable, load Python or C routines via Samba share... I shall learn serial interfacing down the road I think because I respect that approach :) I also have an Arduino so might try controlling with that for comparison/challenge at a later date.

I used '574 flip-flops as you did, but I used a 74HC238 for flip-flop select, and another 74HC238 for layer select... so total control pins = 8 for column data bus, 3 for row select, and 3 for layer select = 14 GPIO pins. All chips wired for permanent "enable"... can always just shut everything down by loading "off" on all data. However Pi doesn't boot "clean" with all pins output = low and I don't wanna leave an LED on for long with only a 100R resister, so might wire up an "on switch" to avoid burning LEDs during startup.

My first video below: first = quick 100hz layer switching to show full 512-LEDs lighting up via persistent vision, then a slow layer-by-layer move just to prove control ;)

LED Cube 2.mp4(516x290) 20 KB

I just remembered you didn't use Arduino, you used your own custom ATMega circuit didn't you... sorry! Very impressive: that's some "next level" stuff for me :)

zjustus9 months ago
alahamm1 year ago

Can anyone recommend a reliable LED distributor at Hong Kong or China ? It seems unbelievable those LOW prices o eBay; Thanks.

abredberg1 year ago
How long legs does those LEDs have ??
hey frnds please send me the complete instruction as well as program for 8X8X8 led cube my email is sumitsuman47@yahoo.com
mdhowle4 years ago

I'm having difficulty finding some of the parts on Futurlec.com.  Here is a list of what I found so far https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Au_v72WMEAOVdG1DMHBBZGNmZW1fbTFublBDQWtaWHc&hl=en&authkey=CMDr3ckP
The site's search isn't that great.  If someone could be so kind as to help find the rest of the item, I would greatly appreciate it :]
wootner mdhowle3 years ago
Did you get all the bits ?

I too am having difficulty getting all the components . Does anyone have a component kit ??

Help ...pls
sfbaynate4 years ago
Hey Guys - Futurelec is out of stock for the ATmega32 microcontroller (ATMEGA32-16PC). Does anyone know of an alternative supplier? I've check Jameco, Digikey, Mouser but no luck.

lgibbs4 years ago
Does anyone know where to get wholesale RGB LED's?

I can't find any anywhere that are a fair price
AJoubert4 years ago
Hi there, I'm new to Instructables and I actually just made an account to access this particularly amazing one.
I have a simple question, which is probably a rather dumb question but I thought i'd ask nonetheless. I've been looking for, and found, many resistors but I wanted to make sure what the 1k distinction for the 1k resistors means in the parts listing. Does it mean 1k ohm? If so which watt rating should i be looking at and which material do you recommend, 1/4 watt or higher, and carbon film or metal film?
Thanks in advance for the help!
clause4 years ago
Are these led's okay ?

Vick Jr clause4 years ago
They aren't diffused.

I found these but the shipping from hong kong is $20 and they look like the exact same ones chr used that turned out to not be diffuse. Still, they seemed to work well enough to make the cube of this instructible.

Is there any place other than ebay to buy LEDs in bulk?
Vick Jr Vick Jr4 years ago
NEVER MIND: I went a head and ordered them and got just what I wanted -3mm blue diffuse. Man these things are BRIGHT!
Vick Jr4 years ago
I found a few other sites that have cheap LEDS:

jdantas4 years ago
Anyone know from experience how long Futurelec takes to ship out an order to the US? All the parts are there which makes life easy, but if they ship from somewhere in Asia then I'm a bit hesitant about possibly having to wait a month before even getting my hands on the parts. Are these guys reasonably expedient?
bnpeele4 years ago
Futurlec is out of stock on the ATMega32 40-Pin 16MHz 32kb 8-bit Microcontroller.

They have a ATMega32 44-Pin 16MHz 32kb 8-bit Microcontroller and ATMega32 44-Pin 16MHz 32kb 8-bit SMD Micro available. Would either of these be a suitable replacement?
mdhowle bnpeele4 years ago
Sparkfun.com has the ATMega32 (search COM-00209) and I currently have an order in for them. I've also read that the ATMega324p is a drop-in replacement according to the avrfreaks.com forums.