Step 30: Build the controller: layout

Picture of Build the controller: layout
We took out the biggest type of PCB we had available (9x15cm) and started experimenting with different board layouts. It soon became clear that cramming all the components onto one board wasn't a good solution. Instead we decided to separate the latch array and power supply part of the circuit and place it on a separate board. A ribbon cable transfers data lines between the two boards.

Choosing two separate boards was a good decision. The latch array took up almost all the space of the circuit board. There wouldn't have been much space for the micro controller and other parts.

You may not have the exact same circuit boards as we do, or may want to arrange your components in a different way. Try to place all the components on your circuit board to see which layout best fits your circuit board.
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Yogesh9091 month ago


Do I need to include the power supply circuit(7805 and capacitors and all?) if I am using arduino uno??

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!!

godofthunder11 months ago

Hi,could you solve a mystery for me,on one of your schematic layouts,i am trying to figure out what wire goes to what pin from the sv1 to the 74HC574N chip i have the numbers 7 to 14 on the sv1 but the chip in which to wire too has the numbers in a way i can't work it out,the data line has D0 to D7 but the chip is marked 1D to 8D,as on your other schematic of the main programming board i see all the connections,if you follow what i am getting at,so could you help me and tell me what number of the sv1 pins go to what number pins on the 574n chip or do me a diagram please so i can finish my board,and move on to the cube e-mail address is

D0 goes to 1D, D1 goes to 2D, D2 goes to 3D and so on. I Realize that it is probably too late, you posted this six months ago, but just in case it answers the question for others. Also, don't forget that D0 gets connected to EVERY 74HC574 1D input.

Hi, I have since built the circutry and the cube,? But now I am stuck on the programing part, as I have nevver used command promt before, as the coding on this instructable isn't covered in detail onhow to write code, so my project is on hold now, I even tried searching for a tutorial on using command promt, but as of yet not found anything to help me, I now have a useless cube because of this not being covered in better detail, but thank you for your reply anyway, it would be good if someone did a tutorial on instructables on how to use c-coding, thanks again.
matt.helm.7504 months ago

TO DOWNLOAD THE .SCH FILES, just change the extension after downloading them to .SCH, then you can view them in any schematic editor that works with .sch format.

matt.helm.7504 months ago

Awesome Instructable!! I NEED HELP though Please! In the schematic for the AVR board, the transistors that go to the layers have resistors hooked up to the ground layers, and those resistors are hooked up to VCC. Is that correct or was that a mistake in the schematic. They look like pull up resistors, but since the layers need to be grounded in order to light them up, what is the purpose of those resistors? Nothing was said about them in the instructable.

xKingJuliusx6 months ago

hi, I cant download the sch. files. Can someone send me the sch. files...

i got the solution

simply download the .tmp file

rename the ext to .sch

open with eagle n it works

hiiii cant download sch files...

can u please email me..

shakamara10 months ago

Hello! now we r making this 3d led cube, but your uploaded file multiplexer_board.sch and avr_board.sch cannot be downloaded to us. please, send this file to

shuhad9111 year ago

Please send me SCH and PCB file as well. Please

mail id is

Abo-El-azm1 year ago

Hi could you also send me the SCH and PCB design to my email //


ArticW0lf1 year ago

I have tried opening these files and all i get is a bunch of random characters and symbols, if some one could email this to me i'd appreciate it.

Dane11171 year ago
Ah well, I'll join the mass and ask for the files. I can't download them either, I get some odd numbers with .tmp after it. Could someone send me the files? I would really appreciate it. danielrugge(at)hotmail(dot)com
Hi, I'm having problem in downloading the .sch file. Will you please send me the .sch file to my mail address. My email address is
Thanks a lot....
aliw21 year ago
For all the people who have problems opening the pcb .sch files in altium designer, open it in Eagle. That works.
The first pin of IC3 is not connected to the bus. It should be corrected.
ptelegin1 year ago
Отправьте файлы .sch пожалуйста
chrisbDTM1 year ago
just another request for schematic files. i would really appreciate any help, thanks
wli51 year ago
Could you please send me the .sch file ?
Thank you very much.

lolz_972 years ago
Sorry to add to the list of people wanting schematics, but could you please send the schematic files to minor hitch while trying to download it. Also, I need to say great job, I love this project.
CarlK582 years ago
I was able to download the multiplexer_board.sch but none of the others. Could you please email the files? This is one awesome project, it is perfect for teaching digital concepts. Thanks for sharing your work and for your time. My email is:
wong12752 years ago
Hello everyone. Just in case you were wondering / having trouble, the .sch files (that are downloaded with a .tmp suffix) can be opened in Eagle Cad (do a Google search). When you first download the files, make sure to change their .tmp endings to .sch!
kuprik2 years ago
I've been thinking how you can use a 16 pin connector, and as little use of wires. This is a preliminary layout of my idea. Not all do, but it seems to me to capture beautiful
can you send me the .sch files please. It only comes up as a .tmp file when i try to download them. Thanx in advance
Jwoozy2 years ago
How do you know where the 1k ohm resistors go, compared to the 100ohm resistors on this schematic?
jasongobus2 years ago
Hi could you also send me the SCH file too.. :)
it wont download for me either

skristof2 years ago
Hello can you send the files multiplexer_board.sch and avr_board.sch to because i can't download them.
By the way nice cube.
r.mulder3 years ago
My PCB's have just arrived. Since I have some PCB's spare, drop me a note if you are interested. Photo's are attached, some compontents are still missing on the photo.
It are two printed circuits, 10 x 8cm, stackable, real neat.
The boards keep refining whilst they remain functional the same. After the green and blue I now have a bunch of orange/red ones. The latest one have the orientation of transistors in both TO18/72 and TO92 housing.
Hi I wold like to have PCB how to get it ..
Hi, either send me a DM via this website, or write me an email to roel.mulder at and I'll send you the info.
So, any news on the PCB boards?
yes im interested please let me know i can get my hands on them
hey i'm really interested in the PCB's how much are you selling them for and is it possible for me to buy em from you with all the components already soldered to them ?
An earlier reply seems to have disappeared. Please drop me an email to roel.mulder at for the boards. I'm not going to solder you the LED matrix though.
Just wondering, but where did you order your boards from?
Well, I took the trouble to develop them myself, based on the design here. A PCB is kinda neat in comparison to an experimentation board.
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