Step 4: What is a LED cube

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A LED cube is like a LED screen, but it is special in that it has a third dimension, making it 3D. Think of it as many transparent low resolution displays. In normal displays it is normal to try to stack the pixels as close as possible in order to make it look better, but in a cube one must be able to see trough it, and more spacing between the pixels (actually it's voxels since it is in 3d) is needed. The spacing is a trade-off between how easy the layers behind it is seen, and voxel fidelity.

Since it is a lot more work making a LED cube than a LED display, they are usually low resolution. A LED display of 8x8 pixels is only 64 LEDs, but a LED cube in 8x8x8 is 512 LEDs, an order of magnitude harder to make! This is the reason LED cubes are only made in low resolution.

A LED cube does not have to be symetrical, it is possible to make a 7x8x9, or even oddly shaped ones.
Charlie134 years ago
Just wondering, are these safe to have around children? I would like to build one but i'm afraid there would be open circuits for my brother to touch. I'm afraid massive amounts of electrical tape would ruin the effect
it's low current at under 5V. You are in more danger having a 9V battery around with the contacts exposed
At 5 volts, there's no danger of electrocuting yourself. Just make sure nothing gets jammed into it and shorts it.
The voltages are so low that touching the wires poses no danger. (5 volts with current limiting resistors) I'd be more worried about the kids breaking it.
you could put it in a plexi glass case of some sorts to be on the safe side