Step 62: Software: Effect 6, stringfly

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8x8 is about the smallest size required to render a meaningful text font, so we just had to do just that!

We loaded a 8x5 bitmap font that we had previously used with a graphical LCD display into EEPROM memory, and created some functions that took an ASCII char as an argument and returned a bitmap of the character.

The function stringfly2 takes any ASCII string and displays it as characters flying through the cube.

It starts by placing the character at the back of the cube, then uses the shift() function to shift the cube contents towards you, making the text fly.

mark_pw2 years ago
The making use of latches to control 72 I/Os by limited GPIO pins is very imaginative. I learn a lot from you. Thank you.
Buskleif4 years ago
I think there is an error in the code supplied, it says:

"void font_getchar (char chr, unsigned char dst[5])
uint8_t i;"

When I change it to:

"void font_getchar (char chr, unsigned char dst[5])
int i;"

all of the effects that feature text starts working.

hobbyman4 years ago
Very nice cool effect. Can be improved by giving the letters a depth.
thanks for the nice instructable.