Led Dice-PIC16F84 in Box


Introduction: Led Dice-PIC16F84 in Box

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Led Dice-PIC16F84 in Box
This is the site for makeng this project,have fyn




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    chip programmed

    Bravo :)

    now can i make a photo based instructable on this when i am done

    That will be very nice :)

    i try to simulate the circuit in proteus anthe time display of the dice is very quick..i think its only 0.1 sec...

    is this 100 % working???because i want to make this one as a project..

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    This is sure thing,below is author of project, Mr.drj113


    I am the author of that project - You have done a brilliant job of making it,   The point to point wiring is very suitable for simple projects just like this.  I built the original on Veroboard.

    Well done.  I just did a related pages search via Google, and it looks like others have been making it.

    Thanks for making my day :-)

    I am now inspired to publish the steps on Instructables, and even make an Arduino version!

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    No no thanks to you for making the project,I just built it this dual dice and I like it very much,I dont know that you are author of this project,I am glad to meet you.
    Best Regards and keep working
    maco bt