Led Dice PIC16F84

video Led Dice PIC16F84
Led Dice PIC16F84
Here is link to schematic and other stuf.
wegger3 years ago
i have a problem with the unused pins on the circuit,should i ground them.eg15,7,8,9,10,3,it's a cool project though.
wegger wegger3 years ago
thanks for that
macobt (author)  wegger3 years ago
 Leave the pins NC (not conected),dont ground them. 
drj1134 years ago
Wow  - That is soooo cool.

Thanks for that - I am the original author, and it is wonderful to see others making the projects that I put up.

As an aside, I wrote the original article for a local electronics magazine, and the published it - It was in about March 2000 Silicon Chip.

Thanks for making my day!
drj113 drj1134 years ago
Further to my comment before - I have just re-published it as an instructable - Thanks for the inspiration.

teh_noob4 years ago
heheh, cool. so it randomly choses numbers, like a dice cube, eh? you SHOULD make an 'ible of it.
macobt (author)  teh_noob4 years ago
yes it is cool,when we play monopoly is perfect.
regards macobt
cyrozap5 years ago
That's pretty cool. You should make an 'ible of it.

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