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Introduction: Led Dome Light

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The Toyota Prius C does not have a passenger dome light. I need it to put my baby in the car seat at night time. So I have to DIY the LED and wired form the front map lights. I have the moon roof so it was easy to run the wires under the trims there.

Step 1: Blue LED Turns

The tinted windows with the blue lights looks like black lights from outside.

What I use is a led strip, ebay will have a lots of them. I search for daytime running lights.

also led bulbs that you can replace the current once on the map light.

For the wires, I use old speaker wires.

Step 2: Finish Product

1. solder 3 inch wires to the led light bulb

2. solder 4-5 feet wires to the led strip

3. connected the wires through the hold in the map light unit

4. stick the light strip on the trim of the moon roof or where ever you like it

5. pull the trim of the moon roof and hide the wire in it and out the other side by the map light

6. wire can be pull in between the roof to inside the map light

7. connect the wires and test

8. snap the map light back

9. enjoy



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