Picture of Led Scaries!
Kinda like throwies, but for weird people.
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Step 1: Obtain necessary components

Picture of Obtain necessary components
All of the items used in this project came, as do many wondrous things, from the dump where I work. O.K. "sanitary landfill" if you must, but I think that's an oxymoron, if there ever was one. Here's a list:

1) Doll head. This is a Barbie head, which may, at some point in future, be used in a rip of jessyratfink's famous Barbie Doll Electric Chair project.

2) Led. I hope I don't need to describe at length, the operation of the light emitting diode. Let's just imagine that tiny imps dance on the little chip inside, casting off photons, in their frenzy.

3) CR 2032 lithium throwie battery. Also handy if your motherboard gets old and senile.

4) Ducky tape. I could respond to those who say "It's duct tape, ya tard", by embarking on a long and convoluted aside, on the history of the stuff. whether the original duck name came from being made of cotton duck, being used to repair amphibious DUKW vehicles, it's being waterproof, and so on, but hey, Wiki it for yourself. I calls it ducky 'cause there's a picture of a duck on it.

5) Super Duper Magnet. Purty, ain't it? This one, as I'm sure everyone can tell, is from a hard drive read head electromagnetic deflection positioning apparatus. OK. voice coil.

Step 2: Attach led to battery

Picture of Attach led to battery
Attach led to battery. This is a fairly bog-standard construction principle for throwies and similar devices. I shouldn't need to expound further but, in the interest of clarity, here goes:

First, ensure that your led leads are reasonably straight. Mine are usually spindled and mutilated by removal from their previous host. Pliers may need to be used, but fingers and or teeth, usually suffice. Try to get the distance between the leads somewhat narrower than the width of your battery.

Sit the led astride the battery so that each lead of the led is engaging a battery terminal. Make sure that the lead touching the negative side isn't bent, so that it also touches the positive side. This is called a short-circuit, also known as bad.

Does the led light up? If yes, goody! If not, reverse the led. You may, at this point, test the battery with a voltmeter, or your tongue. The voltage should be about 3, the taste, slightly sour. Safety Note: expectoration is the standard safety practice, after battery tasting, lest you ingest lithium salts, electrolytes, or other nasties. Keep a spitoon, open window, or cringing assistant handy. (Get back here, Igor!)

Some may point out, at this point, that the led should have a limiting resistor, to prevent burnout (Wish I had one of those for my head). I eschew such fanciness for three reasons: 1) I don't have the led specs, to determine the proper voltage and current. 2) Since I don't pay for leds, I have little regard for their care and feeding. I rescued them from the landfill, so any life they have afterwards is bonus for them. 3) I am lazy.

Now that the led shines out bravely, keep it that way by wrapping some ducky tape around the battery / lead assembly.

The whole shebang should look like the photo. Some may complain for my not providing photos of every possible step in this construction, but, Jeez Louise! It ain't that difficult. Use your imagination.

Step 3: Attach magnet to battery

Picture of Attach magnet to battery
Attach the magnet to the battery. This is so easy it does it all by itself. You may wish to secure with the ducky as well, depending on the strength of your magnet.

Step 4: Stick led into Barbie's head

Picture of Stick led into Barbie's head
Again, fairly self-explanatory. (Man, describing this stuff takes forever! I'd publish more Instructables, but it feels too much like work.)

Try to aim your led so that it illuminates Barbie's entire head, rather than just her nose. (If you have a Lindsey Lohan doll, illuminating just the nose may be more appropriate.)

Braver souls than I, may choose to enclose the entire battery inside Barbie's head as well. This should be possible, but will involve some surgery. Perhaps one could incorporate a Dr. Frankenstein's monster-like scar, or maybe a cranial screw-top, like Dr. Hfuhruhurr.

Hmmm? Maybe you could use an Al Franken doll head. Or a Ben Stein doll head. Or both stuck together... Maybe I require medication?

The assembly is secured with duct tape. (Getting kind of repetitive, huh?) One may wish to eliminate the magnet entirely, and construct a fancy high-collared robe / display stand, for the head, out of tape and one of those conical water cups. (Duxie tape and Dixie cup.) I chose not to, because such a beast would remind me, way too much, of that transparent cone-head robot, from the original Battlestar Galactica, that swished around saying, "By your command" all the time.

Step 5: Display proudly

Picture of Display proudly
Imagine walking (or stumbling) home some night and suddenly being met by this thing leering at you. This will provide ideas on where to put it. Dark alleys, bus stop enclosures, dorm rooms, that sort of thing. I'm resisting the urge to place this thing where my long-suffering wife might see it unexpectedly some night, because I "know better".

Other applications for this device may include: earrings, freaky mobiles (the wire and string thing, you hang from the ceiling, not European cellphones) and anything else that twisted minds can conjure up.

Thus ends my Instructable, or exercise in pointless rambling, depending on one's perspective of things. Enjoy!
I was attempting to detangle my sisters 70's barbie's hair and let's just say she is now bald. Oops! Well I ripped off the arms and legs and I can't remember where I put them, but I still have the torso and head, so maybe I'll just do this!
powerman6663 years ago
I am gonna put an RGB LED in mine. Just like my Skull Glowies!
jaencer4 years ago
You have a very entertaining way with words.
Good read.
incorrigible packrat (author)  jaencer4 years ago
Thank you very indeed.
h3idi4 years ago
Is there a way to turn on/off this thing? Once it's duck taped it's kind of permanent, no? I'm thinking for costuming - it'd be great to day of the dead these babies, and hang them from a sombrero...
godofal5 years ago
Photon Emitting Near Infrared Semiconductor
try to shorten that! (i laughed :D)
im glad they went on with Light Emitting Diode :D
anyway, its a nice one, i doubt however il be able to get some barbie head :D

hey, heres a thought, use some permanent marker to give her some kind of war stripes :D
i like you you seem to be crazy like me
Wow...very creative? Nice instructable, it's definitely unique!
Atomman6 years ago
Its featured? All you did was put an LED in a barbie head!
incorrigible packrat (author)  Atomman5 years ago
But, did you put an LED in a Barbie head? Didn't think so...

Just look at that healthy orange glow. One can almost smell the phthalates oozing from Barbie's face, yum!
duck-lemon7 years ago
Photon Emitting Near-Infrared Semiconductor, oh that is so awesome, oh this has already been posted damn you mr beanyMvbeanbean! Seriously classic though!
I keep trying to think of a good acronym that involves ladies' areas, but get stuck at VAriable Gain...
VArial Gain Involving Negative actuators or (to use when describing you acronyms) VAriable Gain involving negative acronyms!
Or perhaps VAriable Gain INductor Array; or, to describe myself, Vagrant Gnu Invoking Naughty Acronyms.
Variable Amperage General Inductor/ Negative Actuator lol
sorry the convo was too long ago for me to remember the funniness of it, sorry =[
ecctao6 years ago
no Scaries at all just very funny
senga7 years ago
this would be great on one of my friends :p
This looks very cool, however it's a little too weird for me.
Xeropoint7 years ago
Heh heh.... P.E.N.I.S.... lol Good one, dude. I'm gonna use this and scare the mess out of my little brother.
incorrigible packrat (author)  Xeropoint7 years ago
Good. Somebody got that one straight up.
Oh, by the way, I hope by "I'm gonna use this and scare the mess out of my little brother", you mean the doll head thing and not the... never mind...
incorrigible packrat (author)  Xeropoint7 years ago
Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one...
Charles IV7 years ago
Photon Emitting Near- Infrared Semiconductor Haha classic...
Hahahahahaha gotta love the acronym joke on the second step lol,very clever. Is it true?
That's for me to know and you to guess. Thanks for noticing it. I'm particularly proud of that one.
Powerhouse7 years ago
This is pretty cool. I had tons of fun with it, to save time I used a power supply. Here are pics:
Nifty. Trolls are way scarier than Barbies!
thanks. i love LED projects. I just grab something and mod it.
dude me too! I grabbed an LED, and added LED's to to it! yes, that's correct, and LED encrusted LED! WOOOHOO!
i'm gonna be having a shoulder surgery soon and I'M gonna get the surgeon to put LEDs in my SHOULDER! then I'LL be the blinkiest!
sunitgir7 years ago
Oh my gods this is like totally... *cough* er... crap I was possessed by the prep again. Anyway! Super fun, I have a plastic shrunken head collection from last christmas' decorations (shush, I can decorate anyway I want) I'm totally shoving LED's in them and placing them around my brothers room while he's asleep, then turning off his TV night light. LOLOLOL
el eliel7 years ago
I'm gonna illuminate my paris hilton doll...
incorrigible packrat (author)  el eliel7 years ago
She might be too skinny to fit the led in. Isn't she scary enough without it, though?
canida7 years ago
Sweet. With enough red & green LEDs (and an endless supply of barbie heads) you could make some great Christmas tree light substitutes.
Zujus canida7 years ago
Someone really hate barbie... :D Or you just hete stupid stereotypes of woman?
canida Zujus7 years ago
Mainly I like spooky glowing things. ;)
incorrigible packrat (author)  canida7 years ago
Yeah! Who's up for a trip to China to stage a break-in at the People's Doll-Head Manufactory, to score a few thousand of 'em.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
AHHHH! Creepy!
Kiteman7 years ago
LOL - combine this 'ible with the motion-sensitive throwie and then fasten it to a gate or hang it in a tree...
incorrigible packrat (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I'm thinking of life size heads, stuffed with led Xmas lights, hooked up to one of those motion detector floodlight dealies...
Hehehe, awesome job!
All these new Instructable LEDies are coming up, and they're awesome!
Nice job, I do really weird things, and this might be added to my list! :-)
chris284567 years ago
very good, imo, also ,(Photon Emitting Near-Infrared Semiconductor)=
Bongmaster7 years ago
I calls it Gaffa-Tape :3
I likes that one too. Purists might poo-poo and say that gaffer tape is different, being usually non-reflective and non-residue-leaving when you tear it up, but who gives a? I say call it what 'cha want.
You're a bit creepy on it mate... Lol nice wee variant on throwies here...