Want to know how to make a cheap cool sign? Well, your in the right place

Step 1: Gather Materials

you will need:

-sharp knife or blade
-Arduino or Battery
-fogged or translucent piece of plastic or glass

Step 2: Cut

take the sharp knife or blade and cut out the lettering or picture you want to have lit up

Step 3: Open the Box

the title is pretty self explanatory

Step 4: Tape the Sheet of Glass or Plastic On

take the sheet of glass or plastic and cut it down to fit onto the lid of the shoe box then tape or glue (which ever works best for you) the piece in place

Step 5: Insert Lighting

if you don't have an arduino just use an LED and a battery to make light. Arduino or any other microcontroller really improve modifications or extras.

Step 6: Wiring

wire up an LED or RGB LED to the arduino like the picture indicates. if just adding an led just wire the negative end to ground and the positive end put between a resistor and a pin on the arduino. The button is just there for messing around you can chose to use it or not.

Step 7: Code

open the arduino IDE on a computer and plug in the arduino
as I said Earlie so simple its probable easier to just use a battery and led. BEWARE TO USE THE CORRECT VOLTAGE WITH YOUR LED if you choose not to use the arduino.

the RGB code:

int r=11;
int g=10;
int b=9;

void setup(){
pinMode (b,OUTPUT);
void loop(){
digitalWrite (g,255);


Step 8: Finish

just turn off the lights, power on the arduino or LED, and admire your work

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