This Instructable will walk you through my process of making a Slot Machine costume with addressable leds controlled with an arduino!

Step 1: The Parts List

Shirt Parts:

Plain white T-Shirt

Old or new white shirt to cut

1 meter addressable led strip from Adafruit 

Arduino (I used an uno smd)

Sewing gauge (or other measuring device)

1 pkg Heat-N-Bond ultra hold 

Battery holder for 4 AA's 

4 AA's rechargeable 1500mah 

Iron on transfer paper

Hat parts:

Hot glue gun


Flashing led kit ( I got mine from the shack, but it's also avil online elsewhere)

2 Basic night lights

2 Lg washers

9V Batt

Clear tape

Sorry for the late reply. The only libraries I included was LPD8806.h and
I just recieved my light strip do I have to include LPD8806.h and .cpp? <br>
great work! have you worn this in vegas yet?
Not yet but a great idea! Thank you!
Thank you all for the great comments!!!!!
I think Its a very original an funny costume! well done!!!
Interesting project. Thanks for sharing.

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