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Hello Everyone!
In this tutorial I want to show you how to make a nice led "star".
It looks great, and parts cost nearly nothing.
I hope you have fun making your own!

Here is the part list:
-2 single core wires, can be detached from somewhere(I used old pc power supply wire)
-6 LeDs (Can be any color, I used 5mm ones)
-Few tools (soldiering iron, something to cut isolation(can be even normal scissors), etc.

Step 1: Lets Start With...

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...taking off the isolation from our wires

Step 2:

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Look at photo number 2. U need four leds.
With first two twist the positive lead. 
With second 2 twist negative lead.
Now put them one on top of another keeping + with +, -with -.
You should end up the same as me.

Step 3: Soldering

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Connect places 1 and 2 (foto no. 2).

Step 4: Connecting

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Now if you finished soldering you need to twist  2 leads of each 2 led "packs". 1 negative and 1 positive.
While putting them together , remember the gold law: - to - + to +.

Step 5: Last Steps

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