I build an led cube with 512 LED's. You can make 3D image's with the cube.

Lots of (dutch) info on my website www.ojeke.tk

Just in case anyone comes by here actually looking for an instructable on LED cube construction, I'll post links to mine here.

single colour cube
RGB Colour cube

J-Five2 years ago
That's a lot of LED's

I Went to Radio shack online it's about $350 for new LEDs
ebay - 1000 LEDs for about $20. NEVER buy parts from RADIO SHACK unless you have no other choice!
Yeah, you're right.

But to be should check to make sure the LED's work before you use them.

Never had a problem...and for $20, even if 25% of them were bad, you still have all you need plus some, and save $330 in the process.
I don't think I've had a bad one out of the bag, but I destroyed a few in the soldering process - which is why it's better to have extras!
There are links to the suppliers I used in my instructable.
JDM-Idaho2 years ago
CAUTION -- WARNING-- DO not open the guys web site. it wants to down load something from adobe but it also down loads and installs about 6 other junk programs.
if you are looking for an arduino / ATmega32A based cube, you can see CHRs instructable, which is referenced in my instructable which improves on his.
EtCetera1122 years ago
Your website link forwards to a scam. Do you think you could fix that?
Can i have the code ? I would really appreciate it :)
Geekaton2 years ago
Here is a time-lapse video that shows me making my LED cube 8x8x8.:
a-square2 years ago
even though i can't understand Dutch but i know very well that your site is very informative, but a million people will have gained more from it if it was in English
Wow, great job. Two questions: Is this programmed on arduino, and how much do 512 LEDs cost?
ojeke (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
no, it is not programmed on arduino. I built this 5 years ago, arduino didn't exist in that time.

It is programmed on a pic, 16F648. To load the program in the pic i used a wisp 628

The LED's cost 2 euro for 100 pices. http://www.leds-buy.nl/index.php?ref=6

Actually, arduino existed 6 years ago but hey, who's counting?
ojeke (author)  Robot Lover4 years ago
OK, it was not very populair here in Belguim in that time :)
Well, you can get 100 LEDs of any color (and even RGB LEDs) from Sparkfun for $20. The pricing even goes down as you order more!
Kiteman4 years ago
Oh, you need a full step-by-step instructable for this, plus a video of it running.