Introduction: Led Ice Cube

Picture of Led Ice Cube

nice led cube in any shapes and make room glow so lets glow it
The Ice cube is very cheap and simple to make and the result looks amazing.

Step 1: Requirments

Picture of Requirments

ice cubes box

Step 2: Setting Up Leds

Picture of Setting Up Leds

make shure that leds do not totally dip in make wire out and plastic part in water

Step 3: Finish

Picture of Finish

put ice cubes in fridge and frost them
then glow it finish :D


marcoboers (author)2013-12-25

I geuss you can't use them in your drink in this way, as I've seen leds explode when used under water.

astral_mage (author)2013-12-04

kool till they start to melt . or u cab try it with small paper cups an clear resin.

NateOstrye (author)2013-12-04

What are you using for a power source on this?

Mahir Asrani (author)NateOstrye2013-12-04

I am using old mobile charger
You can also use usb
Charger or battery

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